Meet HiMirror Plus: Your Personal Beauty System

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I’ve talked about my love-hate relationship with my skin on le blog before. Well, mostly my struggle with acne and how it’s been worse now as an adult than when I was a teenager. Pretty sure my hormones are still out of whack from having kids but that’s a story for another day.

However, acne isn’t my only skin concern. Especially now that I’m getting older. I turned 30 earlier this year and I’m starting to realize my skin isn’t getting any younger. And now, my biggest worries are wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines. But the skin is a complex organ (weird to think of it as an organ, huh?) but there are so many components that should go into taking care of your skin and how you approach your skincare routine.

I’ve seen this fancy HiMirror floating around social media and I’ve wondered what all of the hype was about. What was so special about this mirror?!

Well first of all, it’s not just a mirror. It’s a SMART mirror. Like for real, the smartest mirror ever. It uses facial recognition to assess your skin’s condition and helps you find the best approach to caring for your skin. Do you need oil-control products? More moisturizer? This mirror will tell you. You can take a picture everyday and it will keep track of your progress and reevaluate if you need to focus on other areas, new products, etc. So cool, right?!

In addition to helping you take care of your skin, you can also access Spotify, workout videos, daily weather and news, and so much more! I plan to hang it in my closet room when we finally get settled but for now, it’s been just fine on this stand! I will say the only thing I dislike is how finicky the sensor is; it isn;t touch screen but rather responds to a wave from your hand. I almost wish it was touch screen but I think they avoided that so that when you’re doing your makeup, you don’t have to touch the screen. Makes sense!

It is so important to be aware of your skin’s needs and take care of it proactively so that you don’t have to fix it retroactively. If you’ve been looking for a way to hold yourself accountable and dig deeper, HiMirror Plus may be the product for you!

HiMirror: your personal beauty consultant helps you assess your skin's needs, problem areas, recommended products, and much more!




  • Cait

    ummm this is freaking awesome and i need one like asap! thanks for sharing!

    • Samantha

      Isn’t it amazing?! Although the amount of pores I have makes me want to vom hahaha

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