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Photography by Amy Hess Photography// Browns t-shirt c/o// Express shorts// Target cowboy boots (old but similar here)// Miss Chic bracelet via Love, Yellow (sold out)// Alex and Ani bracelets// The Shine Project bracelet


People often question my loyalty to Cleveland sports teams. And now that we’re hours away from regular season kick off, I know what you’re thinking…
“Doesn’t it break your heart to lose year after year?”
“Another field goal?”
“They passed up who? And did what with their pick?”
“Do they even still have that player?”
“What’s your record?”
“Johnny Football huh? Now what?”
“You paid how much money to watch this crap?”
“What are the Browns anyways?”
Yes. I ask myself some of these things too. But at the end of the day, I’m from Cleveland. A city where sometimes, sports are all we have. City life is getting better but let’s face it, our downtown is no Chicago or NYC.
We have sports teams that always seem to have one or two key players but unfortunately, that’s not enough.
We get excited over the thought of advancing to the playoffs and wear our emotions on our sleeves.
We curse players for leaving (LeBron, cough cough) but then welcome them back with open arms (still gotta find that jersey…).
We stand outside to tailgate in negative 10 degree weather and sweat our asses off at Tribe games in the summer.
We buy $8 beers and probably 10 of them at that.
We don’t hate anyone (unless you’re a Steelers or Bengals fan) (Just kidding. Kind of). But rather will settle our disagreements on the field or in the parking lot. While tailgating and kicking your butt in a chugging contest.
Games are full day events; tailgating for Browns games and Paninis, The Clevelander, or Winking Lizard before Indians and Cavs games. Then on the off chance we win, it’s back out to East 4th. If we lose, it’s West 6th.
We’re passionate; we love our home and we love our teams.
We aren’t bandwagon fans and will always love our sports teams. We are bonded together by the love of Cleveland and the glimmer of hope that one day, we will have a championship to celebrate.
But until then, we will toast to every win we get. And if we lose, well then we will toast and chug our beers to drown our sorrows.
Cleveland’s unofficial motto? There’s always next year.
And well kids, I think it’s finally our year. (Also an unofficial motto..)
Who are you cheering for this season? It’s Back to Football Friday so gear up and be sure to share pictures with #NFLFanRecord to see photos from across the country! 




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