7 tips for managing thick, curly hair.

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tips to manage thick hair
Thick hair is a blessing…most of the time. And I say most of the time, because sometimes, it’s too thick and causes some problems. Your top knot weighs 10 pounds, it takes you hours to blow dry it, it feel super heavy in the summer months, etc.

thick hair


Curly hair is the same way; people with straight hair always compliment me on my curl or waves (depending on what it decides to do that day) and say that they wish there hair was curly. And I say eh, it’s a love hate relationship. Sometimes I wish my hair was just pin straight and looked perfect with a simple brush through.
But having dealt with this wild mane for 15+ years (and I say that because my hair didn’t get curly until my early teens), I’ve learned a few tricks here and there. I’ve tried product after product and still haven’t a product that I NEED. I’m always open to trying new ones and looking for different products that would help make my hair more manageable.

thick hair



1. Don’t wash it everyday. I know, some people have to wash their hair every time they shower. I’m not one of those people. I usually wash and condition my hair one day, skip washing and conditioning the second day, and then just condition the third day. And then repeat the cycle. Not washing your hair everyday keeps your scalp healthy and retains the oils. Since thick hair means it takes longer for the oils to get to the ends of your hair, going a few days without washing it is actually good for you!
2. Stay away from volumizing shampoo. If you have thick hair, you already have volume. If you’re lacking volume at the roots, grab a teasing comb and get it that way. Volumizing shampoo will create a “fatter” strand and more space between each hair. And you certainly don’t need any more fat strands giving you any trouble.
thick hair
3. Get regular trims. I hate the idea of getting my hair cut or even trimmed, but in the long run, it’s great for your hair. Not only does it get rid of the dead ends and help prevent breakage, which allows your hair to grow faster, but if you’re cursed blessed to have thick hair, it makes it feel so much lighter and healthier.
4. Alternate hair products. The oils in your hair adapt to the shampoo and conditioner you use after time. So when your shampoo and conditioner run out, switch to a different brand. Or go from a moisturizing to a color treated or something like that. Sam’s Club is GOLDEN when it comes to stocking up on hair products. They offer salon quality and name brand hair products, all at phenomenal prices. And of course they give you plenty of it 🙂
If you’re wondering what shampoo is best for you, check out the Sam’s Club publication Healthy Living Made Simple; they describe a few types of shampoos and will help you narrow down the ones best for you.
5. Comb in the shower. I always comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb while conditioning. This way, I can just scrunch it when I get out and don’t have to brush or comb it. This helps to avoid some of the frizz that can happen once you’re out of the shower. You don’t want to “disrupt” your curls once they start to set, so this is a huge help 🙂
thick, curly hair


6. Use heat tools minimally. I obviously used a blowdryer and curling iron in the pictures above. But that is a very, very rare occurrence. Like we’re talking I do that maybe once or twice a month. Heat tools can damage your hair, so if you can skip the blowdryer and let your hair air dry, do it. I know that’s not realistic for everyone, so if it’s not, try and do it on days you’re not going anywhere or you can just throw it up in a top knot.
7. Deep condition. By deep conditioning regularly and putting moisture back into your hair, you’re helping to keep it stronger and healthier. Which as we’ve talked about, is key to keeping it under control. I find that the more moisturized my hair is, the less frizzy it is.
Keeping your hair healthy should be just like brushing your teeth; something you think about everyday (or at least I hope you do…). I’m constantly trying new products and experimenting with new shampoos and conditioners. I may or may not have gone a little buckwild at Sam’s Club over the weekend. Why has no one ever told me they have some of my favorite shampoos in jumbo sizes and unbeatable prices?! Wait, I retract that statement… that’s exactly why no one has ever told me 😉
How do you tame your mane? What are some of your favorite haircare products? Where do you shop for them?




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