No power.

I had a different post planned for today but unfortunately, that will have to wait. We were eating dinner at my parents last night when a huge storm (unconfirmed tornado) went through our neighborhood. The power went out around 6 p.m. last night and we aren’t expected to get power back until Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Which yes, sucks. But we are so lucky that we were all okay and that no damage was done to our house or cars. Right down the street from us people had trees snap in their yards and hit their homes. Someone had their trampoline lifted from their backyard and was asking if anyone had seen it. Power lines are down and blocking roads and intersections. The debris is INSANE.

It will be a few days before everything around here is back to normal so please say a prayer for those who were directly affected. Luckily for us, our only loss is the full refrigerator and freezer I just stocked Friday with groceries. But nothing we can do about that!

We tried to turn a negative into a positive last night by drinking some wine and playing Monopoly by candlelight. Which was actually kind of nice for a change 🙂 But please keep those in the Cleveland area in your thoughts and prayers while crews work endlessly to get everything back in working order. Much appreciated <3





  • Kate

    What’s so weird is that all we had in Tremont was some heavy rain. I had no idea people so nearby had such a different storm experience until I woke up this morning & so many photos of damage!

  • amber.m

    Oh goodness, I hope you guys get it back quickly. I mean, game nights are a nice change of pace, but power is also really nice! 🙂
    And overall, I’m glad you guys, and your things are all okay

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