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32 lessons I’ve learned in 32 years


Age is just a number, right? Because I don’t feel 32. But when I look at the person I am today vs. the person I was 10 years ago, it’s a lot more obvious. I’m also a lot different than the person I was 5 years ago. Not bad different, just different different if that makes sense.

But I’ve learned a lot of lessons over the years. Some harder than others. So today, I’m sharing 32 lessons I’ve learned in 32 years.

  1. You don’t have to explain yourself. People are going to believe what they want.
  2. You can go years without talking to someone and still be friends.
  3. Not everyone was put into your life to be a forever friend. Some friends are just friends for a season of life.
  4. It’s never too late to go after your dreams.
  5. You can’t do it all. Don’t stress yourself out trying.
  6. Having kids will shake your patience to the core. Actually, it will shake your whole life to the core. But I promise it’s worth it.
  7. Make time for date nights with your partner.. you need them. And you deserve them.
  8. Financial stability will come. Do the best you can until then.
  9. Wine is good for the soul. Learn it and love it.
  10. It’s better to give than receive. Pay it forward whenever you can.
  11. A smile goes a long way.
  12. Traveling does something for the soul. Do it whenever you can.
  13. Listen to other viewpoints. You don’t have to agree but staying educated and just listening makes you better than a lot of the population.
  14. Say you’re sorry when you need to. And accept apologies when you can too.
  15. Call your parents often. Even better, see them more often (if you can).
  16. Write letters to your significant other. Like on paper, with a pen.
  17. Take a lot of pictures and PRINT THEM OUT. Display them, save them, whatever.
  18. The internet is forever. Be careful what you post about yourself or other people.
  19. Take care of your body, mind, and soul.
  20. Read “The 5 Love Languages“. It will teach you SO much for all relationship types.
  21. You don’t need a ton of friends, just a few good ones. And that’s not cliche, it’s true
  22. Home is a feeling, not a place.
  23. Treat yourself. Get that massage, buy that bag, go on that trip.
  24. Amazon Prime is not a question of want vs need.. it’s NEED.
  25. The best wine isn’t always the most expensive.
  26. Some people just get lucky. Plain and simple. Don’t compare yourself to those people and continue to work hard.
  27. Speaking of work, do something you love. It will make your life SO much more enjoyable.
  28. Think before you judge someone and their life. Remember how that feels when people do it to you.
  29. Tip generously.
  30. Take a lot of videos. You will cherish being able to look back on those when you’re older and your kids are older.
  31. When in doubt, take a trip to the south.
  32. YOU MATTER. Even on days when you may not feel like the best person.

I cannot thank you all enough for the support and love you’ve shown me over the years. Whether we know each other from childhood, college, play dates, or simply the internet, thank you. I have loved growing up in this space the past 8 years and cannot wait to continue the journey. XO




  • Megan Pawsey

    Happy Birthday!

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