Lazy Saturday and a DIY fail

I spent the day relaxing with my loves and naturally, my A.D.D kicked in circa 3 p.m.

So what else do I do when I’m bored? (besides shop that is…)


Well let me tell you, I failed miserably. I attempted to Mod Podge leaves onto a Mason jar and put a tea light in to radiate this beautiful fall ambiance.

The leaves didn’t stick, the edges curled, and it didn’t work nearly as well as I’ve seen/read.

So I decided to improvise and turn my disaster into a somewhat interesting project.

I can’t upload pictures right now, but tomorrow, you can decide for yourselves if I failed or prevailed.

I also started to plan Bubba’s first birthday party more intensely. Here’s a little sneak peek of the invitation I designed 🙂 Can you guess the theme???

The Ohio State Buckeyes play tonight so I’ll be parked on the couch while hubby grills burgers and cracks open a Bud Light.





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