I’ve only genuinely been surprised a few times in my life. In fact, I can probably count all of those times on one hand. I’m that little kid that looks for Christmas gifts, that girl that nags someone until they crack, and that wife that checks the bank statement religiously. I hate surprises but yes, I secretly like them.

When Zach was coming home for R&R, I threatened to kill him if he tried to surprise me. First and most importantly, I was nine months pregnant and would have for sure gone into labor. And secondly, I obviously needed that moment documented since we hadn’t seen each other in seven months. He told me his flight information, and I had my perfect airport reunion that I had been dreaming about. And thankfully, no baby was born in Cleveland Hopkins Airport that day.

We’ve been discussing getting a new camera for months now, however something else more important and more necessary always pops up. You know, diapers, wipes, life insurance; all the fun stuff.

Today would be a day to add to the one hand of lifetime surprises. Well…almost. My husband can’t keep surprises and combined with my Nancy Drew detective skills, I put two and two together and discovered he had made the purchase!

Maybe he didn’t get it charged and give it to me when we saw each other like he had planned, but I had no idea I was getting it today so I will count that as a surprise.

Anyone with a background in photography? I would love your advice and suggestions! Can’t wait to get my hands on that baby tomorrow!! Oh, and see my husband too 😉



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