Life lately.

Well hello friends! I feel like I’m typing this with one eye open because #momlife. Baby has been such an amazing baby and even with the mad sleep deprivation, I still love her to pieces. And I’m enjoying every minute of having a newborn again. And since it’s the last one (tear), I’m sneaking snuggles when I should be cleaning or working. But I will never get these moments back so I can’t say I’m even mad about the messy house or the hours I’m slaving away working when I should be napping.

I didn’t take “maternity leave” because there’s really no such thing when you’re self-employed. Deadlines are in place and when you have a baby three weeks before you’re supposed to have a baby, it becomes a little crazy. Not to mention our stay in the NICU, readmission to the hospital for me, and oh yeah two other kids. It’s pretty much been insane. But I’ve been super lucky to have my husband home for 4 weeks and help with all of the daily chores and tasks. We also had family visit and help out which helped to occupy the older kids and it was seriously a lifesaver. I can’t believe school starts NEXT week…pure craziness.

My anxiety has been through the roof since having the baby. I’m sure my hormones are all out of whack and trying to stabilize and it will all eventually calm down in the next few weeks. But because I have anxiety and depression, I have to be extra careful and watch for signs of postpartum depression. Which luckily I haven’t had any symptoms for. My anxiety has mostly been about something happening to me which I think I have a justified reason for feeling that way after our scare with postpartum pre-eclampsia. I still have to update you on all of that because it was super scary and not something I knew could happen. So I want to make sure other mamas are aware that it is a thing and a super danger one at that.

In other news, we bought a boat! Haha totally on a whim too. We had a family friend that was selling it and we couldn’t pass up the deal. It’s a great starter boat and the kids love to go for rides and go tubing. Which of course gives me anxiety but they only do it with another adult and at a super slow pace. We haven’t been able to take it out too many times since Baby P can’t come on it, so we can only go if my mom watches her. Next summer we can use it a ton though so it will be nice to be able to look forward to that.

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer but getting excited for fall! Fall is my absolute favorite season and I am so excited for all of the fun things that come along with it! I’ll be working on fall content in the next couple of weeks so if you have an idea for a post, please let me know!

Cheers to a great week babes! xo



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