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Now that we live in Georgia, I pretty much live in shorts. I’ve already had a taste of the humidity around here and I don’t think I’m going to survive when June, July, and August roll around!
But because I’m constantly in shorts, I have to shave pretty much everyday. But who likes to do that? Not this girl. Especially with two young kids, it’s impossible to take a shower somedays, let alone take the time to shave each time.
{Photo cred Leader 2 Photography}


{Photo cred Leader 2 Photography}
So when I heard about Whish products from Nordstrom and, I was so excited to try them out! I received the pomegranate scent and LOVE it. It was super light and summery and I barely needed any to make a huge impact. When using shave cream, I usually use a lot to get a lather and prevent cutting myself. But seriously, I used like a dime size amount and it covered my entire leg.
Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream was developed to match the strength of a men’s shaving cream but without all of the harsh chemicals. All Whish products are Parafen Free, Sulfate Free, DEA and TEA Free, Petrochemical Free and all-natural!
I absolutely loved how smooth the shaving cream left my legs but even more so than that, I loved the Hair Inhibiting Gel. By using chaparral extract, the gel actually helps to increase the time between shaving. And like I said, my time is limited and I will do anything to have to shave less often and still have silky smooth legs!
Although the prices may be a little higher than what you usually pay for shaving cream, not having to shave as often totally makes up for it. In price and convenience! It comes in a variety of different scents and I highly encourage you to check out and check them all out for yourself!


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