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Gift ideas for girls 6 to 8 years old

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I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping and for some reason, my middle child was the most challenging this year! But with her help, I put together some Gift ideas for girls 6 to 8 years old! Which in turn, helps me finish my Christmas shopping knowing she personally picked all of these things haha

Orbeez foot spa: She’s actually been asking for one of these for years so I know it’s a good one. She loves to play spa and salon and things like that so I think this will be a perfect gift to play with friends or her dolls.

Fringe purse: She loves to grab a purse when we leave the house (which isn’t often these days) but I thought this one was adorable!

Unicorn robe: Anything unicorn and anything with bright colors is a win!

Mall Madness: Not sure if this is more for her or me but she LOVES to play it! Brings back so many memories and we love playing as a family.

Pretty Pretty Princess: Another game from my childhood but one of their favorites!

Makeup + vanity case: Like I mentioned, she loves to play spa and salon and is always doing her makeup (while not leaving the house of course). She loved the light up case on this one!

Barbie Dreamhouse: She actually got this for Christmas last year and still plays with it all the time! Something they can grow with is always a bonus.

Slime kit: While I may despise slime, she loves it. So we just have to set rules and keep it at the table haha but this one is a unicorn kit and it’s on her list.

Barbie Team Stacie Room Set: She’s been asking for this for awhile now. I love that she can put this furniture in the Dreamhouse too!

Light up tracing pad: We love to color and draw as a family and I thought this would be a fun way to do something a little different!

Disney Princess Luggage set: This is another her most requested things! She loves to play with her babies, play airport, etc and instead of dragging around my real luggage, this is the perfect play set.

Hair chalk: All the rage, this is the perfect stocking stuffer or present under the tree. Plus, it washes out so easy peasy!

Reborn Baby: This is the #1 thing on her wish list for Santa this year. She loves to watch YouTube kids and these types of baby dolls are all over the videos on there. I found this one as a bundle on Amazon and she’s going to be so excited Christmas morning!

Hair style wig display headset: She loves to do our hair and I thought this would be a fun alternative. She can play with her hair and then actually take off the wig and wear it!

L.O.L O.M.G Surprise Doll: Apparently these are all the rage this year! More like the size of a Barbie vs the other L.O.L dolls.

Minnie Mouse phone: Honestly, no idea why she wants this but I’m assuming it’s to play house and office and things like that. But it’s pretty inexpensive so a good gift at a good price point!

Polly Pockets: She discovered my original Polly Pockets a few years ago and still loves to play with them. This year, she asked for some of her own. While these aren’t as cool as the old ones, I think she’ll love them!

VTech Kidizoom Creator cam: Like I said, she loves to watch YouTube kids and I couldn’t resist this camera! She walks around with a mirror pretending to talk to her “channel” so this will be a fun way for her to actually create content and be creative!

Have anything else to add?! Would love to hear below! You can shop these items by clicking directly on the bold text/hyperlink or the collage below! (Some items not in the collage because they were late additions!)

Happy shopping! xo



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