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Ladies, ladies, ladies. You all have BLOWN me away with your support during this Blogger Shoe Styling Contest! Like seriously, I don’t think I have ever felt so loved and blessed to have such a great group of women standing behind me and genuinely believing in me. 
I want to tell you all a little story. Something that I guess I didn’t even realize until I started seeing the love pour in on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook. 
In high school, I was your average teenage girl; I was yearning to fit in. I had a ton of friends, was involved in numerous activities, and hung out with some of the “popular” crowd. However, despite all of these things, I never felt fulfilled. Why? 
Trivial things: like never making it onto Prom or Homecoming Court, never making cheerleading, and never dating a football player. But for some reason, those things were important to me back then. I wanted people to like me, as I’m sure we can all relate to. Everyone wants to be liked and in our teenage years, we’re still discovering who we are and who we want to be. Our hearts are fragile and our skin is anything but tough.
I had my fair share of drama in high school too. Someone keyed my car because I started dating a guy that someone else liked. I was the grunt of jokes in a “club” that a few girls started but because I so badly wanted to fit in, I put up with the verbal harassment. 
In college, I dated a guy who had previously been a close friend from high school. Well when our relationship ended, I began to see Facebook posts making fun of me and my attempt at a new life. Years later, and it was still happening. Verbal abuse, public humiliation, and down right back stabbing at its finest. 
When Zach and I met, got engaged, got married, and got pregnant all within a matter of 7 months, the crap talking continued. I was pegged as “desperate”, “pathetic”, “attention whore”, and “retarded”. People didn’t understand the power behind our love and relationship and of course they should, right? They knew exactly how I was feeling and knew exactly what was at stake, right? (I hope you’re sensing my sarcasm there). 
My point is, I’ve felt ridiculed by someone, in some way, at some time throughout my entire life. This isn’t meant to be a sob story, but rather show you that I’ve been given plenty of reasons to want to hide my life and become an introvert. 
However through blogging and meeting the most amazing women I’ve ever met, I’ve learned to be the exact opposite. 
Maybe I won’t win the Blogger Shoe Styling Contest, just like I never won Prom Queen or made varsity cheerleading. But as we get older, we realize that things like that become less important. You all have showed me that you like me for who I am. You can see the type of person I am through my words, pictures, and videos.
You’ve told me I’m stylish, and confident, and generous. You said you find me helpful, and kind, and sweet. You all see a better person in me than I sometimes see in myself and I cannot thank you enough for that support.
 I want to win the contest because well, to be honest with you, my husband and son could use the shoes. Heck, who doesn’t need $500 of shoes and other prizes? We plan to expand our family very soon and with two extra feet, come the need for extra shoes. 
But on a deeper level than the surface prize, I want to win because it will feel good to win. To know that you all think I styled the shoes the best, and that you appreciate the time, effort, and numerous outfit choices I put into this contest. For the girl who never felt accepted, or made cheerleading, or won Prom Queen… that’s why I want to win. For the inner self-conscious teenager who always wanted something so badly and never got it. This is for her.
Everyone wants to feel loved and through this contest, I’ve felt more loved than I have in a long time. Thank you to each and everyone of you who has voted and help me spread the word. Your kindness and good deeds have not gone unnoticed and I cherish you all. 
There’s still time left, so please keep up the social media love and help me win
Love you all 🙂


“Some days just are…A Complete Waste of Makeup”




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