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Is a Peloton bike worth it?

Is a Peloton bike worth it? That and so many more of your questions answered below! + a discount code if you are thinking of purchasing one! 

When we started doing our research about buying a Peloton bike, my biggest concern was the money. $2400 is A LOT of money right? But because I have young kids and need a gym with childcare, our options were limited. So I took the advice of my friend and decided to finance it. And within a few weeks, the bike showed up and my life was changed. I know, that’s a bold statement, but it was. It’s so much more than a workout or a piece of equipment. But I’ll get to all of that in a little bit!

I wanted to do a Peloton bike review so you can understand what the bike is all about, how it works, if it’s worth the money, and more!

Let’s start with the first question I always get:

Is a Peloton bike worth it? And I would say 100% yes. For a few reasons:

First of all, you can finance it. It’s 39 payments with 0.00% APR. So we pay $65 a month for the bike and $42 for the on demand subscription (the classes). Most gym memberships can run you anywhere from $50-$150 a month so for us, we were able to justify the cost. And then once we pay it off, we will just be paying for the on demand services. (I also have a discount code to share so keep reading to the end!)

The next thing I hear all the time is “ I can’t workout at home. I have to go to an actual gym or I would never workout”. And yes, working out at home can be a little more challenging at first if you’re not used to it. But I promise, once you start taking classes and getting into a routine, you will look forward to that 20, 30, 60 however many minutes you carve out each day. Think about that, you’re only taking a small chunk out of your day for YOURSELF and you deserve that. You are also connected to a community of other Peloton riders and you can race with them in live or on demand classes, so it feels like you’re at a gym with other people.

Another question I receive a lot is “Were you an advanced spinner or did you take a lot of spin classes before your Peloton?” 

And my answer is, not at all. I used to spin back in college and a little after college but I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve taken a spin class. So although I have taken classes in the past, it had been awhile and it wasn’t something I was doing frequently when I got the bike. In fact, I wasn’t working out at all when I got the bike so I had to pretty much get back into the swing of that with my Peloton.

Here are a few other reasons I love the Peloton bike:

Convenience: I love that I can do it whenever I want, or rather whenever I have time. I have young children so our schedules are often unpredictable and crazy. Knowing that I can quickly jump on the bike if I have 20 minutes has been a lifesaver. I don’t have to worry about childcare, leaving the house in a snowstorm, travel there and back… I’m already here!

Variety: One of the hardest things for me when it comes to working out has been getting bored. I lose interest and then it becomes a chore instead of something I genuinely enjoy doing. That has yet to happen with the Peloton bike because of the variety of classes and types of workouts. Each different instructor brings a different kind of vibe to the table and depending on my mood, I know what instructor or what type of ride I want to do. In addition to biking, you can also do running, outdoor, strength, yoga, meditation, stretching, bootcamp, walking, or cardio classes. See, SO much to choose from.. you’ll never get bored!

Mental health: This one is something I can’t really explain unless you’ve taken the classes. The instructors are seriously beyond motivating; I’ve been brought to tears multiple times while riding, some tears of happiness and some tears of laughter. They push me to give it my all and remind me that I deserve this. I have the biggest rush of endorphins after each ride I complete and I already can’t wait for the next one. The things they say and how they talk to you as though you’re a friend riding right next to them is just so comforting and motivating. Honestly, boosting my mood and allowing me to feel good about myself is one of the biggest reasons the Peloton bike has changed my life.

The community: The Peloton community is also another big perk of owning a bike or tread. You can race against other members on the leaderboard but it’s friendly competition and everyone is so supportive. You can virtually high five each other while you’re on the ride and need a little push, you can join local Facebook groups or with other moms across the country, whatever. There’s a wonderful support system there to help you achieve your workout goals!

Peloton bike on demand classes

If you’re looking for my personal recommendations:

Here are some of my favorite instructors: 

Cody Rigsby

Alex Toussaint

Robin Arzon

Ally Love

If you’re considering it and have been on the fence, my advice to you would be to go for it. For starters, who knows how long this quarantine will last. So having the ability to workout in your own home and keep up your spirits is priceless. I also have a discount code for $100 OFF accessories when purchasing a bike.

Here are two examples that I know work with the code:

Purchasing the Basics Package and then adding the shoes on. Makes the shoes only $25 after the discount code.

Purchasing the Essentials Package

Just enter code: 7SVMQ5 at checkout and the $100 will come off! Let me know if you have any other questions! See you on the leaderboard (my leaderboard name is THESAMANTHASHOW so come follow me and let’s ride together!) XO!





  • Michelle

    I LOVE our Peloton. I’ve been a Power Zone fanatic for a little over a year, so my go-to instructors are Matt, Dennis, Olivia and Christine. I decided to add some strength training into the mix and started Emma’s Core program. I love it! Best investment to date.

  • Kelly

    Peloton is great – I used to actually ride live in the NYC showroom! Now I am using the at home app and I love spin classes with Ally Love! Glad you are taking the time for you!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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