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Happy Monday friends! I can’t believe it’s May. Do you know what that means? That in two short months, this little space here turns three years old. It may be a different name and different design, but it’s still me. Writing day after day and trying to make sense of this crazy life. Some of you are new here and others have been here for the past three years (thanks for not running away). Because life isn’t always cupcakes and rainbows and y’all have been here through it all.

But anyways, I digress. My whole point in all of this is that I’ve never done a question and answer post and I think it’s time. I absolutely love reading those types of posts because they’re so interesting. We follow bloggers for so many different reasons and I love to see the questions people like to ask. I usually ask silly questions but sometimes there are real serious questions and I love that too. Want to know where I shop? Want to know if I’ve ever failed as a parent? Want to know about military life? Ask me anything… I’ll answer!

So I’m opening the floor to all of you now! Ask me anything and I will answer. If I receive a ton of questions, I will break the posts up based on topics. And to keep your privacy (if you want to), it will be anonymous. But if you want to leave your name and link to your blog, I’ll be sure to link back to you too 🙂

So go ahead… head to the link below and ask me whatever your little heart desires or whatever has been on your mind! Can’t wait to read them! xo

Ask Samantha anything…




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