We’re finally HOME.


It’s Monday but what. a. whirlwind! This weekend seriously FLEW by and for good reason. We moved into our house! We aren’t completely moved in or staying there yet because for the first time in all of our moves, we can take our time.  Because we’re finally home.

We usually have no where else to stay while we work on the house but luckily, my parents are right around the corner. Our goal is to have it all unpacked and put away by Friday…easy enough, right?

The truck got dropped off Saturday and we unloaded it in about 3 hours. Not bad considering it was a 28 foot truck loaded floor to ceiling. Most of it is where it’s supposed to be (room wise) and now it just needs put away. We still have to paint our master bedroom but other than that, all rooms are staying the way they are.

I’ve been working on painting some more furniture (more on that to come) and have to head back and get some more paint today. Tutorial on all of that coming soon 🙂

We took a little break from the chaos and headed to the local carnival for some good old fashioned family fun. But it was SO hot and we were all so tired from the move that we didn’t last very long. But I did get a grilled Mac’n’Cheese sandwich and YUM. Delish.

I promise to share room tours but here’s a little sneak peek to hold you over. Because I am seriously obsessed with this gray and these rooms!

Hope y’all had a great weekend! Time to run some errands and get a fat coffee. XO





  • That sunroom is TO DIE FOR! ALL THOSE WINDOWS!! I’m so glad that you guys are finally settled… I don’t know how you moved so often all those years! I’d be a crazy woman because I have to have roots!

  • Felly Bee

    I am LOVING the grey! The fire place looks amazing. I am so happy you’er able to settle down! I moved once in five years and went crazy – you are a brave soul!

  • Kelly

    The rooms look great and I can not wait to see more!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

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