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The phrase “high maintenance” often comes with a negative connotation. To most people it means needy, hard to please, demanding, or challenging. And while I won’t argue that I can be all of those things at times, I don’t necessarily find it a bad thing.






Zazzle tank c/o// eShakti skirt(old but similar here)// Steve Madden shoes via Burlington// Lace Bralette Posh Peace// Forever 21 clutch (similar here)//Photo credit: Amy Hess Photography


I like nice things. They don’t have to be the nicest things because I certainly can’t afford them. But I like to look and feel good for myself.

I’m a picky eater. Trust me, if I could like certain foods I would. But some people just have different taste preferences and that’s not my fault, is it? I can’t force myself to like something.

I’m a coffee snob. I will compare everything to Starbucks coffee and hate nothing more than stale coffee pot coffee. #nothanks.

I won’t leave the house without makeup. I’m not talking full on makeup like I’m going out, but I feel like crap if I don’t put the bare minimum on.

I can’t sit still. I strongly dislike sitting around all day doing nothing, and I’m pretty sure I get this from my mom. I like to be moving and doing something at all times.

I love to shop. Sometimes I don’t buy anything (sometimes…shh) but I like to be in stores and look around. And most of the time I leave with a small trinket. Because I needed that extra journal or that coffee mug. I NEEDED IT.

I feel like I was meant to live in the city. I don’t regret any decisions I’ve made or the fact that I never have and never will live in the city. I just feel like I was meant to live somewhere like Chicago or New York City.

I’m emotional. I take things to heart and I can go from one extreme to the next. One minute I could be happy and loving life and then something triggers me and I’m crying like a baby. I’ll blame the extremeness on the hormones. But I’ve always been a sensitive person, and I believe I get that from my dad.

I’m always in a hurry. I’ve been saying I’m going to get into a routine and get organized but the truth is, I can’t seem to make it happen. I’m always running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off because I always have something to do and I’m usually late doing it.

I expect too much from people. And this often comes back to bite me in the butt because it sets me up for disappointment. Not everyone is going to be there when you need them or go out of their way to help you. And that’s something I’m always willing to do for others and have to remind myself I can’t expect others to do that.

I hate liars. Just tell the truth, seriously. Lying just gets messy. Tell the truth, deal with the consequences, and be done with it. Lying creates a web and then it stirs up emotions down the road when the lies surface. Just. Be. Honest.

I’m slightly OCD. I always eat a crouton after I pour them into a salad. I hate when the TV or radio volume doesn’t end in a 0,2,5,8,10. If I think I forgot to shut the garage or lock my car in the parking lot, I’ll go back. I always put 9 swipes of deodorant on one side, do 10 on the other, and then go back and do the last one. You guys, I’m weird.

But that’s me. All of this is me. And it’s an amazing thing when you think about it, because no one else in the world is exactly the same. We are all made differently yet somehow we find a way to exist together. We lean on each other for support and companionship. We work together to accomplish goals. We learn from each other. And being different is what makes this world such an amazing place.

No before you go thinking I’m this hippie love child (which I kind of am haha), I’m writing this for a reason. Because we all have flaws. And sometimes, people say or do things that make us feel bad for these flaws. But this is how we are. This is how God made us. And if we aren’t going to accept and embrace that first, how will anyone else? And if they don’t accept it, do they really matter? I guess that’s a decision you have to make on your own. But for me, I always remember…

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Thanks Dr. Seuss…nailed it.






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