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22 Toddler Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect toddler gift ideas?! I have you covered! Affiliate links are present. If you make a purchase using my links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support! 

It’s hard to believe we’re already starting to think about Christmas! This year has seemed to fly by yet crawl at the same time. But Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and it’s time to start our holiday shopping. To kick off my gift guides this season, I decided to start with toddler gift ideas!

We own quite a few of these items and some she’ll be getting for Christmas this year. I try to find gifts that are a mix of fun and educational, and I LOVE to find gifts that encourage her to use her imagination and leave room for interpretation.

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Toy kitchen: The exact kitchen we have is currently unavailable but I love this one too! I love that it’s not a complete eye soar and allows them to use their imagination.

Ride-on car: This may or may not be my dream car, so I had to get it for Pipey! I love that it comes with a remote control option so I can drive her around in it until she’s big enough to reach the pedals and drive herself. I also love the fully functioning radio and lights.. it’s adorable!

Christmas cookies: This set is adorable and would go perfectly with the kitchen! I love that it has a lot of cookies to it and that she can actually separate them to “decorate”.

Magnatiles: We’ve had these for years… like almost 9 years because my oldest used to play with them. But this is another toy that encourages imagination and helps them work on their motor skills. The options are endless when building with these! And you can always buy more sets and add to your collection.

Baby alive: This is her favorite baby doll and it’s one of the cheapest so it’s a win-win! The baby makes noises when the pacifier is in her mouth.

Nesting dolls: I know this may seem like a “huh?” kind of thing but she LOVES to take them apart and put them back together. Also great for their fine and gross motor skills.

Play doctor kit: She loves to play doctor and “check me out”, but I love it’s something she can play with someone else but also use on her babies and stuffed animals and play independently.

Who You Were Made to Be: This book is Joanna Gaines’ most recent book so of course I had to have it! Can’t resist a good children’s book and I thought this one sounded adorable. And it is!

Electric Toothbrush Set: Dental hygiene but make it fun! Choose from 4 different characters; I love that it has a timer and teaches them the correct way to brush!

Air Fort: This comes highly recommended because it’s easy to set up and clean up. Perfect for chilly winter days when you can’t get outdoors!

Baby stroller: I know, this seems super simple but she loves pushing her stroller around. You can get all sorts of fancy strollers but this simple umbrella stroller does just fine. Plus it folds and doesn’t take up a ton of space.

Play sink: This is another gift that came highly recommended (and will be under the tree for her Christmas morning). But you can play with it indoors or outdoors on nice days! But the sink really works and we all know how much kids love playing with water!

Pet Vet Kit: My daughter is personally really into animals right now. And since she loves playing doctor too, I thought this was the perfect gift!

Baking set: Another great addition to the kitchen! And it’s super cute so I had to get it 🙂

Star projector: We just got this during Prime Day and it’s so fun for night time! It’s also fun for fort building!

Pretend purse play set: My daughter loves to pack and unpack bags and be just like me. I loved all these little accessories to go in her bag.

Camera: She’s always pretending to take pictures like me and this looked like a good option for her! It really works and comes with a lanyard, it’s compact in size and it’s drop resistent! This was one of the gifts I purchased for her as well.

Bubble machine: Can’t go wrong with bubble play and this can be used indoors or outdoors.

Wooden puzzles: These hold up so well and have lasted us for years! We love the Melissa and Doug ones but like the variety in this pack and that it comes with a rack to store them neatly.

Instrument set: This might be a little annoying for adults in the house but toddlers love to make noise at this age (as I’m sure you know) and this kit is a great set!

Water doodle mat: Lots of fun and no mess! The kids love to lay on the ground and draw on paper so I thought this would be a great alternative. It has great reviews and I ordered one for her this Christmas!

Wooden fishing game: A fun game to play together, but one that also helps them practice their alphabet!

And there you have it! I hope this helps and you were able to gather a few toddler gift ideas for your little ones! If you purchase something, please let me know below! And if all else fails, cardboard boxes and bubble wrap make great gifts as well haha happy shopping! xo



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