How to find the perfect bra.

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How often do you go bra shopping? How many bras do you own? I personally have two full drawers of bras that I’ve collected over the years. Since having kids, I’ve fluctuated a lot in size and desire of style. Pregnancy can be super complicated when it comes to finding the right bra; your body not only changes during pregnancy but after too. And for me, there was no other option than Victoria’s Secret bras. I always have and always will swear by them.

But since my body is always changing and my weight is always fluctuating, my bra sizes often change. So instead of going into the store every time I need a new bra, I can take the Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria Challenge and take a quiz online to determine the correct size.

How does it work?

The quiz asks you questions about your current bra to determine whether you’re wearing the correct size or need a different one. When you’re finished taking the quiz, it will recommend a size and style for you. And if you want to try that bra, you will get FREE shipping and FREE returns on it. Cool, right?


I took the quiz and it was exactly the size I needed; I was able to try 3 new bras and every one of them fit perfectly. The new Body by Victoria collection includes more colors and styles than ever before. These bras are seriously the softest things I’ve ever felt and feel like velvet on both sides. They come in 12 different styles and sizes A-DDD.

Victoria’s Secret has also released a new Body by Victoria Lounge bra, perfect for hanging around the house and relaxing. I love the comfort of a sports bra but support of a regular bra, and this is a great combination of the two.

There are a ton of great incentives coming up too, so be sure to check out! From getaway bags, to winning Jaguars (for real), and gift cards, and of course, free shipping and returns, there’s no better time to try a new bra. Check out their other coupons here and receive cash back when going through ShopAtHome 🙂

So what are you waiting for… go take that quiz now!





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