Thank you for changing a life today.


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We all know that I have a little, um, shopping problem. Ranging from designer brands to thrift store finds, my closet is full of clothes, shoes, and purses. Well recently, I decided it was time to clean it out and try and sell some of it to make a little profit.
I was posting things on Craigslist, Facebook garage sale pages, and Bookoo and while yes, I sold a few things here and there, it became more of a pain than anything. I had to lay everything out, take pictures, list them, talk with those interested, set up times to meet, and then more often than not, deal with people not showing up. Super. Annoying.
So finally, I threw everything into garbage bags and headed to one of the Goodwill drop-offs where someone walks out to your car and takes your goodies from you. And I kid you not, the man collecting the clothing that had probably been sitting in my closet for months or years said “Thank you for changing a life today.” And I had to pause before I drove away because that small statement truly touched my heart.
I’ve been so blessed to live a comfortable life, but there are so many people out there who don’t have that luxury. Instead of trying to sell my clothes for a few dollars here and there, I donated them to people who actually need the clothes and who will truly benefit from having them. I often forget how lucky I am and how important it is to help those in need when I can. I plan to donate a lot more now than I’ve donated in the past. That simple statement, “thank you for changing a life today” put a lot of things into perspective and I’m sure that man will never know how much he’s changed my life. But he has. And now it’s my turn to change more lives too..
I challenge all of you to Be The Good today; and Cents of Style have teamed up to spread the word about spreading kindness and helping when and where we can. By purchasing one of these t-shirts, you will be donating to Girls, Inc; an organization dedicated to empowering girls to be strong, smart, and bold. 100% of the profits go there.. that’s amazeballs!
Shirt not for you? Buy your neighbor’s Friday night pizza delivery. Take your baby sister and her friends to a movie. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen. The point? Make a difference; small or big, any of it matters. You matter. Your neighbor matters. Let’s make this world a better place one act of kindness at a time 🙂
I challenge all of you… do you accept? How will you make a difference?





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