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Must haves for your baby registry

Today’s post is sponsored by Philips Avent. All opinions are my own.

We’ve been home for a little over a month and we’re adjusting to life with a newborn…again. And although this is the third time I’ve done it, every baby is different and likes and needs different things. And with the age gap between my other babes, there are so many new baby products on the market. How can I possibly know what I need and what I don’t need?!

But today we’re talking must haves for your baby registry . Things you actually NEED to make your life easier with a newborn. And while sharing these essentials, I’ll be sharing a few “mamalogues” along the way. I’ve made so many memories and built such a connection with my baby over the past few weeks and I want to share those with all of you!

Must haves for your baby registry:

Bottles: Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, having a few bottles on hand is always a good idea. It can be exhausting when you’re solely breastfeeding and not having any type of relief. So having a stash of frozen milk and then bottles on hand helps divide the responsibility and give you a break. These Natural bottles from Phillips Avent are wonderful, especially if you’re breastfeeding. They have a soft nipple that mimics an actual nipple so it doesn’t cause any confusion.

Some of my favorite moments are sitting quietly while feeding baby. Just looking at how content they are and the calmness in that moment is contagious. It’s like an instant stress reliever but more than that, it’s a time to bond with baby.

Must haves for your baby registry

Bottles: For bottles, pacifiers, etc.

Diapers: You will obviously need diapers so these are a super practical registry item.

Breast pads: Breastfeeding or not, your breasts will leak after having a baby. These will help keep you and your clothes dry. You can choose from reusable or disposable.

Swaddle blankets: Great for helping baby sleep but also great to use as burp cloths and keep baby warm. We like to call the babies little “Burrito babies” when they’re all swaddled up and seriously, there’s nothing sweeter!

Travel system: You can’t leave the hospital without a carseat, so make sure you register for this! Travel systems are great because the carseat clicks into the stroller and then when they’re old enough to sit up, you can just use the stroller portion of it!

Must haves for your baby registry


Sleep swaddle sack: This has been a game changer with baby #3 and has helped us all sleep better at night!

Bassinet: We have loved our bassinet this go around because it keeps her close to us at night and makes it easier for all of those middle of the night feedings. Although it’s no fun waking up every few hours in the middle of the night, these are also times I’ll always cherish. Waking up next to my precious babe and getting in those extra snuggles is indescribable.

Nursing pillow: Great for nursing (obviously) but also great to keep your arm from falling asleep during bottle feedings. And also super helpful when the younger kids want to hold the baby. Pro tip: Get one for the bedroom for nighttime feedings and one for wherever you spend most of your day.

Hand sanitizer: So people can keep their germs to themselves before touching baby 😉

Changing pad + covers: Get one for the rooms where you plan on spending most of the time with baby. And don’t forget extra covers… things can sometimes get messy.

Diaper pail: Easiest way to collect dirty diapers and not have to take out the trash 900 times a day.

Cart: I purchased two carts, one for our bedroom and one for our living room. We keep diapers, wipes, blankets, burp cloths, etc on the carts to keep it all together and neat.

There’s nothing more comical than when your baby has a blowout while dad is changing her… seriously, I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard the other day. These are the moments I live for; laughing and making memories with my babies and husband.

Adding a third baby has been challenging, mostly when it comes to mom guilt and the fact that I have to split my time between all of the kiddos. But luckily I have a great husband and support system and we’ve just been doing the best we can. I know that it will get better over the next few weeks and she gets older (which makes me sad because this is the last baby!) so we just have to roll with the punches and do what works best for us!

Being a mom is the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I love my kiddos more than anything and although they can sometimes drive me crazy, there’s nothing better than the unconditional love and bond I share with each of them.

What would you add to your list of registry essentials?! I would also love to hear your Mamalogues so please share them below! 


must haves for your baby registry



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