It’s FRIDAY! This week seemed to fly by for us and the kids will be home all next week for spring break. I have a ton of things planned but also looking forward to just relaxing and spending time at home. I don’t think the weather is supposed to cooperate (why can’t we live somewhere warm?!) But if you have any fun activities or ideas to do with the kids, please let me know!

Bumpdate: 21 weeks pregnant and loving these maternity overalls!

Can we just take a second to look at this bump?! I can’t believe how big I am getting/feel already. I think now that I’m starting to feel her more and more, it’s becoming a little more real. Like I’m going to be the mom of THREE kids?! Mind blowing.

And now onto this week’s bumpdate: 21 weeks already!

How far along: 21 weeks + 4 days

Size of baby: My app told me an Endine but I don’t know what the hell that is, so let’s go with the length of a carrot.

Baby’s size and weight: 10.5 in and 12.7 ounces

My total weight gain: 23 pounds.

Baby’s development: 

Baby’s digestive system is prepping for the outside world. That gross meconium (black tarry substance) is starting to form for the first dirty diaper.

Baby girl has a lifetime supply of eggs in her womb… SIX MILLION OF THEM!

Stretch marks: Nothing significant.

Maternity clothes:  Feeling bigger everyday woof. But I wrote about the best places to find maternity clothes here! And I’m obsessing over these overalls!

21 weeks pregnant

Gender: Girl… AND we revealed her name to the world. Piper Rose <3

Movement: It’s hit or miss. Somedays I feel her a ton, other days I have to really pay attention to see if I can feel her. I know she’ll get bigger and stronger though so I’m expecting more!

Sleep: Still taking Unisom, half a pill nightly.

What I miss: Being able to have a glass of wine when needed.

Food cravings: Nothing crazy I guess… just hate cooking right now so I love going out to eat. Which will change once the baby is born!

Symptoms: Lower back pain is still bad. Trouble breathing because baby is crowding me.

The siblings are: Not taking too much interest in my pregnancy or the baby yet. P more so than N. But I know this will come with time.

High of the week: Working on some super fun collaborations and finally picking a name for the baby!

Low of the week:  My hormones have just been out of control and I’ve just been really irritable. I can’t explain it, I just get in these moods and can’t snap out of it! Oh the joys of pregnancy…


Trollbeads Falling in Love collection

Before I go, I wanted to share more about these bracelets and rings Trollbeads sent me! I’m obsessing over their Falling in Love collection and I have my eye on a whole bunch of other beads. I especially loved the Onyx and Pearl bangles because they can match anything and everything. And they’re so easy to slip on and complete any outfits. And the rings were fun for a little change too! Perfect for spring.. whenever the weather decides it wants to act right!

Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend! See you Monday! xo

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