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Leggings and headband set (similar here) // Miss America onesie// Converse shoes c/o Rack Room Shoes// Swag tee (can’t remember but similar here)// Old navy jeans// Converse shoes c/o Rack Room Shoes// Photo credit Amy Hess Photography
I don’t really consider myself to have a “style”; I like whatever feels and looks good on me. When I had kids, I had an idea of clothes I liked and didn’t like but as they get older, they have their own little personalities with their own likes and dislikes.
I’m not a big fan of anything with characters on it. However, I once saw a status on Facebook where a mom said she would rather feed her kids junk food and sugar all day long than buy them character shoes. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to fight with my kids over something they want to wear. Do I like them? No. But he’s a toddler who loves superheroes and characters from his favorite shows so if he wants to get a pair, so be it.
But these Converse shoes we were sent from Rack Room Shoes?… these I love. Not only are they functional (velcro and no shoes laces? Count me in), but they go with everything and anything. They’re also a classic brand that will never go out of style. Converse is here to stay.
And although Paislee is walking (tear), she hasn’t gotten the act of walking in shoes down yet. But I do love these and I love that they “match” her older brother’s. And I mean they’re pink… does it get much better?
I don’t like to label my kids hipsters or preppy or anything like that, so I let them wear what they want and then throw in some of my favorite choices as well. It’s all about compromise, right? These shoes? We call them “Benny shoes” because he loves Sandlot. I mean, who wouldn’t want shoes like Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez?
They’re only little once and I’ve learned to pick and choose my battles. So what if he wants to wear a cartoon character t-shirt he just HAD to have at the store? He can pair them with skinny jeans and his Converse kicks and be totally hip 🙂
Living with a “threenager” is all about compromise, keeping your cool, and giving in here and there. And bribery…sometimes you need to resort to that too.
How do you choose your kids’ clothing and shoes? Do they have a style?





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