Always be prepared to throw a party.

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Avoid the stress of throwing a party

Everyone loves a good party, right? Hosting friends and family for any occasion is seriously one of my favorite things to do. No occasion is too small; from football games on Sunday to girls nights with friends, I’m always down for a good party. Life is short, there’s always something to celebrate, right? My closet is stocked full of party supplies and even on the most “ordinary” night, we find a reason to be fancy.

Planning a party can be stressful but it’s usually not for me. Why? Maybe it’s because I’m always prepared to throw a party! How can you be prepared too? I’ll tell you how!

1)Paper products: Paper products always go on sale after holidays/seasons… stock up! Keep a plastic container with drawers full of paper plates, napkins, silverware, etc. Sometimes get togethers can be spontaneous and it will make everything so much less stressful (and fun) to have all the supplies you need to throw everything from a dinner party to a block party!

2)Food is easy; finger foods, snacks, and desserts always seem to be the most popular. Most people at a party don’t plan on sitting down to a three course meal, so I always keep it simple. Mini sandwiches, chips and dips, veggie/fruit trays, etc. I usually stick to 1-2 “main dishes”, 2-3 sides, and 1-2 desserts.Of course this depends on the number of people in your party but this is a good starting point. What if it’s a spontaneous party? Make a quick stop at the grocery store! I have a rotation of simple finger foods I always make, so there’s no planning necessary other than to pick up the supplies.

3) Drinks can be a little more challenging. I never know what people will want to drink but want to make sure I have a variety for my guests to choose from. Enter DASANI Drops Flavor Enhancers! They come in these adorable little containers (had to touch on that) and allow people to make the drink of their choice! My personal favorite is the Pink Lemonade, but I also tried the Mixed Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, and Pineapple Coconut.
Avoid the stress of throwing a party; 3 simple ways to always be prepared.

Avoid the stress of throwing a party; 3 simple ways to always be prepared.

Avoid the stress of throwing a party; 3 simple ways to always be prepared.

Avoid the stress of throwing a party; 3 simple ways to always be prepared.

So easy, right? You just fill a glass with ice and water and drop however many drops you would like. I love using these because each guest can control the flavor of their drink. Instead of making a giant pitcher, they have the ability to make it the way they like it.

I used water but you could also use soda and even your favorite adult beverage. Get creative! I also like to add fresh fruit to make my own little Sangria-like drink, with or without alcohol. Each bottle contains 32 servings (hello bang for your buck) and contains zero calories. So you can save your caloric intake for all of the yummy finger foods and snacks you’ll be consuming at the party 🙂

I encourage you to take an ordinary night this week and make it extra special. Whip out some decorations or fancy straws. Add some DASANI Drops to your sparkling water or invite some friends over just because. Life’s too short not to celebrate the ordinary. Make it extraordinary 🙂





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