You don’t mess with a mama bear.

Nolan passed out at 6:45 last night and that has NEVER happened. My kid is a ride-till-I die kind of devil and is up partying way past his bedtime almost every night. So when I looked down to find him sleeping while I held him, I knew he was exhausted and didn’t feel very good.
He had his two year well being check-up the day before and had to get shots. These may have been the worst set of shots yet because he knew what was going on and said “ouch” right when they went in. And then the flood gates opened and he just kept crying for me to hold him. Heart. Breaking.
But what I’m about to say is sending my anxiety through the roof and making me want to march back to the doctor and curse them to the ends of the earth.
When we first got there, she said he would be getting two shots, which is typically a normal happening at a doctors appointment. She then double checked his records and said “oh wait, he’s already had them, never mind. ” Great, crisis averted. So we had the appointment, got ready to leave, and the nurse came back in and told us she needed to talk to us.
She told us that apparently, he didn’t get the shots he needed at his 12 and 18 month check-ups and they would have to give them to him then. Besides birth, all of his medical care has happened on an army post and therefore, his records should be in the computer. I didn’t bother bringing his shot records for that reason… they should have already had them.
So he got the shots, I almost cried, and we headed home to get on with our day. Well 5 a.m. comes and a very sad Bubby crawls into my bed. I snuggle him and can tell instantly he has a fever. I know that a fever is a side effect of a shot, so we gave him some Tylenol and went back to bed. He was fine all day and all afternoon but because we were running errands, his nap was super short and unsuccessful. So 6:45  p.m. hit and he passed out…from what I believe is just pure exhaustion.
But just because I was having a hard time beliving he didn’t get the shots he needed, I checked his shot records I had at home and sure enough, it looks as though he had both of the shots the doctors here told me he didn’t have.
Rewind. How is it possible that I have a copy of the records, the same records that you’re looking at (they’re in the computer from Fort Drum), but yet you’re telling me he didn’t have the shots?!
I am livid. Maybe I’m reading his chart wrong and in the case, this angry post is just a waste of everyone’s time. But my point in writing this is to make sure you ALWAYS bring your child’s shot records to the appointment. I could kick myself for not bringing them but more so kick the doctors office for possibly giving him vaccines he didn’t need.
And because I’m a hormonal mess and a protective mama bear to begin with, I will be sending Z into that office later to figure out what the heck was going on. And if I find out they gave him shots when he didn’t need them, I am going to flip my lid.
Has anyone else ever had this happen? From what I understand, it’s not necessarily dangerous to the child but I’m more upset that they didn’t read his records correctly and vaccinated him when he didn’t need to be. And like I said, maybe I’m reading it wrong and in that case, I apologize for wasting your time and for cussing out these nurses.
Wish me luck!


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