Green Beer Day… I still miss you.

Dear Green Beer Day,


Oh Green Beer Day. If only you knew how much I miss our rendevous each year. There was nothing better than starting a power hour at 4 a.m. to make it to the bars by 5 a.m. Pitchers and pitchers of green Natty Light just waiting for us to dive in, dance like fools, and stick out our green tongues at anyone that passed.
So what you made us skip class? Who needs class anyway? Unless one of the douche lord professors required we attend for a test or quiz or some other bullshit excuse, you better believe I was ready for your company on that beautiful day in Oxford, Ohio.
With my witty t-shirt, obnoxious sunglasses, and drinking cap, I was ready for whatever the day would bring. From two-story beer bongs, to delicious green shots, I hung out with you as long as I could before I needed a nap. You’re relentless though; you never wanted me to miss a beat during the day and would find some party or some bar with a special or reason I couldn’t pass it up. But of course, a nap was necessary if there was any hope to make it to the evening hour festivities.
I can vividly remember hanging out with you bright and early one year, and having to give a presentation in Spanish at 2:15 p.m. Well thanks to you, I’ve never spoken Spanish better in my life and I nailed it. And as soon as I was finished, I headed back to the bars to meet you again. And there you waited, with drunk fools and cold drinks.
And there was the time I was scheduled to work. And because I worked on High Street, I watched out the window like a sad puppy dog as everyone else had the time of their lives outside. Don’t worry, you caught me up to speed REAL fast as soon as my shift was over.
Although those days are long gone, I will never forget the times we shared together. And although some schools have tried to recreate GBD (and don’t understand why we need you in the first place when we have St. Patrick’s Day), I will always be loyal to you. You were my first true love, GBD. And as long as we always have Miami, we will always have each other.
Thank you for allowing me to take this embarrassing trip down memory lane again, as I think I will continue to do so every year.
I look forward to living in the past again next year.
Sincerely yours,
A Miami student who desperately misses you.


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