All-American Girl.

I’m honestly not even sure where to start this post because my heart is just so full and so much has happened in the past few days. I sat here and waited, and waited, and waited for 9 months to welcome our little princess into the world and after only a few hours, she was here.
I cannot wait to share her birth story with you and because none of our family could be here for it, we hired a photographer to capture these precious moments for us. As soon as things settle down a little, I will share all of the details.
But for now, here’s a glimpse into what our past few days have looked like. These are all from my phone but don’t worry, there’s about 1,500 more on my camera and I will share those when I find a spare moment to upload them!
Minutes after coming into the world
Big brother meeting her for the first time


Good morning!
Bows are my best friend


Another visit from the big brother


Ready to go home


Someone insisted on carrying his sister out
The beautiful present awaiting me at home 🙂


Thank you all for your kind words and sweet comments. I honestly cannot thank you all enough for your prayers and support in this journey. Seriously, the blogging world is such a beautiful place.
More to come in the next few days 🙂


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