Reader survey time… tell me what YOU want to see!

Happy Friday babes! I haven’t done one of these in awhile but we’re almost through the first quarter of the year (not sure how that’s even possible) and I want to make sure this is a place you love! I started this blog to document my pregnancy, my husband’s deployment, newlywed life, etc. But a lot has changed in the past 6 years and so has my content. I’m still the same old G, just a little more mature (or so I like to think) and with different passions and hobbies.

Reader survey questions! -The Samantha Show

But I want to hear from you. What types of posts are your favorite? What do you want to see? Any suggestions? Constructive criticism? Fill out the *quick* survey below and let me know! And if you want to be entered to win a super fun package of goodies, enter your email on there too 🙂 I may pick a few winners.. I’m feeling generous!

I wrote this post in 2015 after I had gone through every single one of the responses I received. But things change, readers change, blogs change. So while some of this stuff still applies, things have changed in two years! But I will of course share and apply what I learn from this survey. Because that’s the whole point of offering it… I want to get to know all of you and learn how I can make this space a better place 😉

Thanks babes…love you all! xo




  • I like everything about your blog. Don’t ever change. LYLAS. hahaha keep being fabulous girlfriend!! <3

    Coming Up Roses

  • val hansen

    Your blog is great….This is a good thing to do once a year I guess to see exactly what your readers want. I need to do one, thanks for sharing!


  • Aarika

    I think ti’s really awesome that you have requested feedback regarding your blog. You are fabulous, and I am so excited to discover your blog. I will be following your adventures. Cheers!

  • Aarika

    Sorry! There is a typo in my previous comment. It should say “it’s” not “ti’s” really awesome. =)

  • Stacey Demrigian

    i filled out the survey 🙂

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