Things I need to do but don’t want to.

As the end of October quickly approaches, I’m realizing that I have a crap ton of stuff to do in the next few months. Like, I may need to resort to this…
Like what you may ask? 
Find a house. Ugh, this is quite possibly the most stressful part of it all. We’re currently on a wait list for on post housing, but we’ve been sitting at 41/44 for quite sometime. If we don’t get offered a house on post, we will have to look for a house off post (which my husband would prefer), but which is even more stressful. I’m most likely going to have to choose a house online and never see it in person before moving in. Scares the living poop out of me but hey, what other options do we have?
Find a doctor. We will be moving when I’m 37 weeks pregnant and I know I’ll be seeing the doctor on post. But I LOVE my doctor here and hate that I have to leave and be seen by someone I don’t even know. I’m sure they’re perfectly capable of delivering a baby but talk about a crunch for time. But being a military hospital, I’m sure they’ve seen this a billion times before. 
Mentally prepare. I don’t think it’s hit me yet that I’m going to have another child soon. Sure, I feel her kick and move in my belly but unlike Nolan, I haven’t really had time to prepare. I had all the time in the world to sit in bed while on bed rest and imagine what life would be like after having a child. Granted nothing could have prepared me for parenthood but still, you get the point. TWO little ones? Yikes, this is really happening soon. 
Get my finances in order. I’m a shopaholic, self diagnosed. But no seriously, I have a problem. I shop 2-3 times a week and what I really should be doing with that money is putting it away towards bills, or college, or something other than cute little Michael Kors shoes for Miss P and me. But let’s be honest, what else is there to do around here? I need to get out of the house and entertain myself (and Bubs) or I’d go crazy. And for reals, are these NOT the cutest shoes you’ve ever seen? (Scored both pairs for under $40 TOTAL on Marshall’s clearance rack…#winning). 
Among other things. But these are the biggest. I’ve been trying to take things day by day but I can’t help but stare into the future and start to freak out a little. Would it be possible to hire an assistant until the baby is born? Oh wait, that would cost money…
But for now, I’m going to try and cut back spending as much as I can. I’m going to stop stalking checking the wait list for housing and have back up areas off post in my mind in case it comes to that. And I’m going to try and relax a little more. It’s a lot easier said than done when I have all of this in the back of my mind but it’s literally out of my control (most of it) and it’s nothing to stress over. Hell Zach made it home from Afghanistan for Nolan’s birth and if that can work itself out, so can all of this. 
Otherwise, I may do this…

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