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Old Navy tunic// Oakleigh Rose shorts c/o// Marshall’s sandals// Baby Beau bag c/o// Rachel Marie Designs necklace c/o// Michael Kors watch// Alex and Ani bracelets// Walmart sunnies// Photo credit: Amy Hess Photography
Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you feel like your head is going to spin right off of your body? That’s kind of how I’ve felt the past few weeks. Z has been in a month long training and been home for a limited amount of time. I’ve been balancing work, the house, the kids, the yard, the pets, and oh yeah, myself. I’ve been living from one coffee to another and probably showered a handful of times in the past month. Sorry, but it’s the truth.
But today’s finally his graduation and I’m so proud of him and so relieved that life will slow down a bit. I’ve been feeling really guilty lately about doing work during the day. I tell myself that it’s not that big of a deal because in any other situation, I would be gone from 8-5 or whatever. It’s just when they’re in my face saying “mommy come play with me” or “mommy come snuggle me” and I say “hold on one more minute”, I feel guilty. Am I crazy to feel that way? I mean, I don’t worry about the house to a certain extent, but when I’m tripping over toys and there is crap laying everywhere, it needs picked up. So trains or cars or dollhouse or whatever has to wait. And even that has me feeling guilty. How do you get over that?
I think I just need an hour or two to myself to get organized. Write everything down and just make a plan, a schedule, and some sort of solution to the madness. Between driving kids here and there, working on this project and that, and trying to man the house and keep our new landscaping alive, I’ve just felt like I haven’t had time for it all. So that’s the number one priority… get my stuff together this weekend.
We had planned on going to North Carolina to visit friends and family, but decided last minute that it probably wasn’t a good idea. Why? Because they live on a lake and everyone (besides the parents and their friends) are single. Which means no kids, no need to come in from the lake for nap time, or be quiet when kids are sleeping. And not only did I not feel like chasing kids around an unbabyproofed house, I didn’t want to ruin anyone else’s time either. So we’ve opted to stay here and spend time with our little GA friend/family circle. And I’m not complaining, I love these people to pieces.
But this outfit would have been perfect for the lake. A classic white tunic and these Gone Sailin’ Shorts from Oakleigh Rose. These sandals were a Marshall’s find a few years ago and I will be oh so sad when they have seen better days. But because this outfit was so classic and neutral, I paired it with this gorgeous necklace from Rachel Marie Designs. This necklace is a custom handmade piece and with Swarovski crystals. Gorgeous huh? You can place an order by emailing or direct messaging her on Instagram or through The Clothing Cove. She’s truly one talented lady, so go show her some love!






What do y’all have planned for this upcoming weekend? And please, if you have any stress relieving or organization tips, please leave them below. For life, for your house, whatever… I need it all! xo





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