As a mom I {link-up}

This post is called As a mom, I…  because I am a mom. I know… WHAT?! It applies to dads too!!!
Hey lovelies!
As moms, a lot of us are introduced to new, awesome (and sometimes, not so awesome) experiences.
Us moms and dads? We’ve got some mad skills. Talent, if you will.
Hence the NEW link-up. Time to brag, ladies and gents! My co-host, Melissa (from After We Tied The Knott) and I would like to present…
Join in and share those goofy, awkward, interesting Mommy Moments!
I love naked babies. Now in any other context, I may be locked up and monitored by the FBI or something, but I just love a little naked booty.

For some reason, Bubba absolutely loves “going in the bath time” aka getting a bath. He’s always so chatty, extremely smiley, and totally fun.

So any chance I get, my camera comes in with me to snap the perfect shot. Again, camera in the bathroom, total mom move. Anyone else that brings a camera into the bathroom should be arrested immediately.

Here was little man going wild this past week… clearly, he’s having a blast!

So yes, as a mom I photograph my naked baby in the tub! What’s your story?!





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