Excuse my absence… I’M ON A BOAT!

By the time you all read this, I will be on my way, if not already in Ohio. And to take it one step further, I may already be on the beach or on the boat with a drink in my hand.  And yes, we have lakes in Ohio, not just farms. In fact, there are no farms anywhere near my house. Whenever I tell someone I’m from Ohio they seem to ask if I rode a tractor to school and I proceed to tell them I grew up in northeast Ohio; suburbs, lakes, and no farms in sight.
But for realz, I am SO excited to take this little vacation. I will be blogging here and there and you’ll see posts popping up from time to time but for the most part, you can keep up with my adventures on Instagram (shameless plug to follow me on Instagram here).
I haven’t given you all an update on work in awhile so here it goes; I love my job. Most of you know I was a little apprehensive to jump back into work after staying home with the babies and P being so young. Would it be worth it? Would I like it? What exactly would I be doing? How would I manage it?
Well I’m here to tell you that it couldn’t be working out any better. I absolutely love my job, I love my partner, and I love my managers. They are so easy to work with and everything has been going so, so well. We’ve already been participating in a ton of great events and have started to build some pretty great relationships for the rest of the year and even into next year. God works in mysterious ways and while this job may have come at a crazy time, I think it was God’s perfect timing. Shameless plug number two; please take a second to visit and checkout the military member pricing. I can get you super great deals and if you’re military, you can get an extra 15% off your purchase now through 7/7! 
So I’ll leave you with this my friends. This is my crazy husband and I on the day we met, on the same lake we’re headed back to this week. It always brings back such wonderful feelings and somehow, I manage to fall in love with him all over again each time we’re back.
Check back tomorrow for a super fun giveaway! I’ll give you a hint; 2 $50 gift cards will be up for grabs!


“Grab a glass of wine, lace up your running shoes and stop by for a visit!”




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