Supporting military families with the gift of art

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Being a military family, we have experienced firsthand the hardships that come with deployment, separations, training, and more. As my son gets older, I worry that he will start to feel some of the stress that comes along with this type of lifestyle. 

Because of this, I have always felt that turning to art is a great way for a child to express their creativity and relieve some of the stress they may be feeling. Although a child Bubba’s age may not be able to tell me he’s stressed out, I have certainly noticed it through behavioral changes. 
Nolan and I like to do projects and the other day, we decided to check out the Fiskars website for some craft ideas! We decided that we were going to make cards and signs for the Northeast Ohio United Service Organization (USO) to hang up in their offices. With soldiers and their families coming in and out all of the time, we wanted to bring a little sunshine to their day!
I have never seen kids scissors like this before and although Nolan is still too young to use them on his own, I at least let him try (and hold them) so he felt like he was helping out!
I think the painting part was his favorite 🙂 
As I mentioned above, I believe it’s extremely important for children to have an outlet to deal with the stressors of military life, as well as express their creativity. After hearing about Fiskars Champions for Kids program, I couldn’t wait to get involved! 
When I thought about a deserving organization for the Fiskars Shape Their Future Donation, I immediately pictured children at USOs on posts, airports, etc. Because of this, I will be donating a large amount of crafting and school supplies to the Northeast Ohio USO! I had so much fun shopping for these Crayola, Elmer’s and Fiskars craft supplies; I wanted to be sure to donate quality items and these brands are all brands I know and trust.
I had help from a few fabulous friends after posting a picture on Instagram, and I want to thank those lovely ladies for their help in this donation:
Jess from Vodka Sprinkles
Alex from Munchkins and the Military
And some anonymous donors 🙂 
My hopes for this donation are that children can send their dads, moms, brothers, uncles, etc off to war or separations with a little piece of home in their pockets. Maybe children can use them to make signs for soldiers coming home and they can hang them in the USO. Maybe they will help serve as a distraction for little ones saying goodbye, or go to a less fortunate family in need. 

I can’t change the hardships of the military lifestyle, but I hope that these signs and craft supplies can help make the lives of those who serve and their families a little more bearable. 
I would like to encourage you all to think of an organization that you know could use crafting tools. Give a child the gift of artistic expression and the ability to use their creativity to create good for the world around them. 
Thank you to everyone who serves and for the families left behind to take care of things on the home front. We truly appreciate the sacrifices you all make!


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