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Pink Slate Boutique top// OASAP kimono c/o// Metal Marvels headband (similar and color option here)// Target shorts (similar)// Marshalls sandals (similar)// Metal Marvels bangles// Alex and Ani bangles// Hole in Her Stocking bracelet c/o// Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies 
All photo credit: Amy Hess Photography
We all have guilty pleasures; some we’re okay with sharing and some we like to keep behind closed doors. Unless you’re married because then of course, odds are your spouse is guilty of some of them too. Because I’m spacey and have forgotten to participate the past few months, I’m finally linking up with Helene and Sarah today for #guiltytotalsocial and sharing some of my guilty pleasures!
Starbucks: Sure, once in awhile wouldn’t be so bad. But I’m talking I probably have Starbucks 3-4 times a week now that there’s one right up the road. #momprobz
Teen Mom: I know everything about these girls and I’m not entirely sure why. They are just SO entertaining.
Dating Naked: Not actually dating naked…. but the show! And I’ve only watched this show one time but I had to throw it out there. Apparently Naked and Afraid is another good one…
Shopping: This wouldn’t necessarily be a guilty pleasure except that I think I do it once a day. Whether it’s online shopping or dragging my gremlins to Target, I’m always on the hunt for a good deal. That’s seriously what the guilty pleasure is… finding a good deal. Maybe it’s more of an addiction but either way, homegirl always finds the best deals and steals.
The Kardashians: I love them. And I know they all get hated on because they started out famous for no reason but I love everything; their style, their family, etc. Maybe they would let me join them for a day of antics?
Shoes: I don’t even wear half the shoes I own but I can’t stop buying them. And as far as I’m concerned, a girl can never have too many shoes. Unless of course she has to kick her husband out of the closet in the bedroom because there isn’t enough space for them (Still sorry about that Z).
Children’s movies: Z and I have tried to get Nolan into all of our favorite movies and for the most part, he loves them.  But sometimes, you spend $100 at FYE buying Disney classics that you’ll be watching whether he wants to watch them too or not.
Garage sale Facebook page: Z and I usually troll it strictly for entertainment purposes; 24/7 entertainment! People sell anything from breast milk to half full cases of Coors Light. I wish I could make this shit up people…
Buffalo Wild Wings: I can sum this up in one sentence; boneless Parmesan Garlic wings with a side of fries and queso please.
The Claw Game: I will spend $30 on that damn machine before I walk away without a prize. My son knows wherever we go, you bet your bottom dollar I’m playing and taking one of those 50 cent prizes home. With pride.
Headbands: I would say my style leans towards BOHO chic and of course, these headbands are a must! I’m currently obsessing over everything Metal Marvels has on their website and they’re super affordable which makes me even happier.
And there you have it! What are some of your guilty pleasures? I can’t be the only one…
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