Everything you need to know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Real talk: I don’t shop at Nordstrom super often because it’s not always affordable and I’m all about a good deal. And even when I do shop there, their BP brand is my favorite because it’s much more affordable than a lot of the designer brands they carry. There are a few exceptions and I will get to that later BUT my point in all of this? You know it’s a good sale because 1) everyone and their mom is talking about it and 2) I’m shopping there and stocking up while I can during this sale.

But it can be confusing. And you may be wondering why you’re seeing it everywhere and why bloggers are talking about it so much. So I wanted to break it all down for you today (while keeping it real of course…)

Here are the top 2 reasons you’re seeing so much of it. 

First of all, most of the items in the sale are fall and winter items. So you’re getting your fall and winter pieces at discounted prices. And they’re all items that are projected to be trendy and in style so they’re taking the guesswork out of it!

And probably even more candidly, you’re seeing everyone cover the sale because we’re able to use affiliate links for the items in the sale. Meaning, if you purchase an item(s) using our links, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. So if you’re going to be shopping the sale online anyways, why not support your favorite bloggers in the process?! We’re small business owners and every lit bit helps 🙂

So how it works:

The sale is available to a few different groups at different times. For most of us, the earliest we’re able to shop is this Friday, July 12th, and this is IF you have a Nordstrom card. And then July 19th is the official first day of the sale for everyone. But if we’re being honest, most things sell out the first day and don’t always get restocked. So if you want to score the best deals, you’ll want to get a Nordstrom card and shop FRIDAY.

If you sign up by today, you’ll get $60 in “Notes” to spend during the sale. You also earn Notes all year so I like to use my card and then pay it off right away and still accumulate the points and spend the Notes. Win win, right?

But if credit cards aren’t for you or you have no interest in getting one, you’ll still be able to score great deals beginning July 19th!

What’s worth shopping for?

So for me personally, I’m looking for a few different things.

Basics and staples that I can layer and wear all year.

Statement pieces like jackets or cardigans.

Sweaters… give me all the fall sweaters.

Booties and boots.

So what’s on my list?

Here are some of the items I plan on getting (as long as they don’t sell out super quickly…fingers crossed). REMINDER: None of these items will be available for purchase online until 12:30 p.m. ET on Friday, July 12th for cardholders (local stores at normal opening times) and non-cardholders July 19th. So be sure to come back here and click on the collage whenever you plan to shop during the sale (goes until August 4th).

Some other pointers: 

Nordstrom is always free shipping and free returns so if you see something you want, get it and try it (get it in a few sizes even!) and then send back or head into the store to return what doesn’t work.

Don’t feel pressured. You don’t HAVE to buy anything. Nor do I ever want you to feel pressure to buy something I’m sharing. I know you might be sick of hearing about the sale but honestly, it’s one of the best sales of the year because you can get things for the upcoming season at discounted prices. And if you’re over it and tired of hearing about it, please just keep scrolling and try not to be negative about it. Covering the sale is the same for us as a journalist covering a story or event. It’s supposed to be informative and that’s exactly what most bloggers are aiming to do.

I’m going to be adding a few kid things, beauty products, etc as the sale goes on but wanted to share some of the items I’m hoping to purchase. I’ve never spent more than $75 on jeans but I’ve been dying to try some Good American so I’m going to see if I can get my hands on some and try them out. And I will spend a little more on shoes if I plan to wear them a lot. But we’ll see.. I’ll share my feedback and do a try-on depending on what I get! And only 100% honesty here; I will let you know if I’m keeping it or sending it back… I want you guys to find pieces you LOVE and I would never steer you in the wrong direction.

Let me know if you’re looking for anything specific and as always, THANK YOU for your support and shopping with me. I truly appreciate it more than words can say.

Happy shopping babes! Xo



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