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Dear Nolan {26 months}

Dear Nolan,

Another month down in the books… and boy was this a big one!
As I’ve said before, you’ve been such a great big brother to Paislee. You absolutely love her to pieces and are constantly wanting to hold her and have me “take your picture with her.” It melts my heart to know you already love her this much and I can only imagine how much that love is growing to grow over the next couple of years. Believe it or not, she will be able to move soon and you will LOVE playing together!
You’ve taken great strides in potty training this month; we hadn’t really been pushing it because it was a lot for you to learn with everything else going on. But all of a sudden, you started telling me when you had to use the potty and voila, just started going! You’ve had a few accidents the past few days but you’re coming down with a cold and I wonder if that’s why. It’s a lot for a little man to handle and I am just so so proud of you. You either sit or “stand like daddy” aka face forward on your knees or stand on your little potty and it just cracks us up. You’re something else, Little Man.
You’ve also tried singing your ABCs and your desire to learn and overachieve is absolutely wonderful. You can also count to 16 (or 17… I can’t really tell too much after 15) and you love performing for everyone we Skype or call on the phone.
Saying you love the Toy Story movies would be an understatement. We watch one of the three at least once a day, and you will actually sit down and watch them from start to finish. But you very rarely want to sit on your own; you still love to have me sit next to you so you can play with my hair and today, you even said “Mommy, sit down and snuggle me.” I immediately dropped what I was doing and came running to your side. Soon enough, you won’t want me touching you at all and I know times like that are priceless.
You’ve got quite the attitude though, let me tell you. You know what you want and it’s certainly not Daddy or I telling you what to do. You like to climb on the couch and mess with the blinds, open the refrigerator even when we’ve told you not to, and throw things when you get upset. I think we often hold you on a pedestal because you’re so smart but deep down, you’re just like every two year old.
Now that the weather is nicer, I promise we will be able to play outside more than we have been.
Although I wish I could take you to the park or on walks everyday, it’s hard with your sister being so little. But I promise, things will start to settle down in these next few months and we will be spending a lot of time outside together. And the ice cream truck that you love so much? Prepare for as many Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ice cream pops are your little heart can imagine 🙂


Please know that mommy and daddy love you very much and you’re the best thing to ever happen to us. You will always be my baby and even though I say that and you tell me “I’m not a baby, I’m Nolan”… you still are.


Until next month,


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