The Messy Project REVEAL

THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE!! I seriously have been waiting for this day since I started blogging. After months and months of stalking each and every girl who’s participated in The Messy Project, it’s finally my turn! 
Unfamiliar with The Messy Project? Here’s the deal:
1 Item
5 Girls
5 Different Looks
1 Major Blog Post Day 
My fabulous friend Kelly over at Messy Dirty Hair started this little gem and I absolutely love the idea of it. We can all look at an item in totally different ways, allowing us to express our style and creativity. In my opinion, everyone has great style because it’s unique to them. Hence, the reason I love this project 🙂
SO this month, Kelly sent all of us this adorable black and white striped maxi dress. I loved the different direction of the stripes, and not to mention it was SUPER comfortable, perfect for my growing belly. It was super flattering and I’m sure it looks fabulous on everyone! 
What would the project be without making it my own, right? So I decided to dress it up with Cobalt Blue accessories. As you might know, Cobalt Blue is totally in right now and I loved the drama it created against the dress. When at one time, blue and black were big no-nos together, that is totally out of the window now. 
So here’s how I styled it 🙂

Because we’re kind of in that awkward transition between summer and fall, I chose to add a blazer in case the weather cools down at night. This way, you can take it all the way from morning till the wee hours 🙂 

What do you think?! And please take a look at how the other girls wore it too!
Megalin @ My Random Lovelies
Kelly @ MessyDirtyHair


“She’s addicted to Diet Coke and loves designing pretty things…Check her out!”




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