Sorry Time, I’ve got this; 5 ways to soak up time with our little ones

Sometimes I catch myself staring at Bubba; like creepy, stalker, Hannibal Lector style. I can’t help it, I just can’t believe this cute little human is all mine.


Ever since I became a mommy, I can’t believe how fast time is going. Not just life with Bubba, but life in general. I’ve been out of high school for eight years and college for four. Like whaaaaaat!? When did that happen? 

I read a fellow blogger’s post the other day on soaking up time with our littles ones, and it really made me think. Everyone tells you to enjoy it while you can, soak up every minute of it, etc, and she questioned whether or not she was doing that. How do we know if we are really taking advantage of every moment we can with our babies? 

I’ve been pondering this for the past week and here are some things I’ve come up with to make sure that I’m enjoying every new milestone, event, and mile marker in Bubba’s life.


5 simple ways to soak up time with our little ones:

1. Document: I love taking pictures; my camera comes eveywhere. He may get sick of it and I may look like a freak show when I whip out my camera in the middle of the mall or at the playground, but I don’t care. He’s only this size for so long and I refuse to let a day go by without a picture of him. If you can, save up for a quality camera and learn how to use it! 

2. Write: I wish I would have started a journal from the beginning; a place to write little notes and thoughts to him throughout my day. It’s better late than never, so I plan to start that today. Although the blog is a good place for him to go back one day and see what my life was like with him, I want him to have something to read that’s only about him.


3. Put technology down: I created #MomMe hour for this reason; I’m attached to my phone. Unless I’m taking pictures, there’s no need to check an email or a text when I can do it later. Although I like the TV on for background noise, it can be a distraction and I’ve learned to put music on instead. Plus, Bubba cracks me up when he shakes his booty to it. 

4. PLAY: I think it’s important for him to be independent and play make believe, however I don’t think he should be shoved in a playroom for the day without interaction. I know some mothers do that and that’s fine; just not how I parent. I love to see his imagination in action and you can find me playing blocks, basketball, and race cars on a daily basis. Although Barbies and baby dolls are my jam, I’m learning the ways of a boy very quickly. 

5. Talk to them like they’re big people: At 15 months, my son has 30-35 vocabulary words. The doctor was blown away by this and I told him it’s because I talk to him and work with him everyday. We have conversations and I say everything as I’m doing it. They’re little sponges at this age and they will pick up words and sayings eventually. It also keeps me from going crazy when we’re home all day together; the baby talk gets old!

I know everyone has different parenting styles and ways to enjoy these precious little ones, but from my experience, this is how I know I’m doing everything I can do remember this time with Bubba. Although he’s growing fast and I have no control over it, I know there isn’t anything else I could be doing to enjoy it while I can. 

How do you soak up time with your little ones? Do you ever worry you’re not doing it enough? It only takes one day to make a change. Start TODAY!

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” – Proverb




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