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Holiday gift guide: For the woman on-the-go

Let’s face it, we’re all SUPER busy these days. We’re being pulled in a million different directions and running here and there. Whether you’re a mom, an executive, an entrepreneur, whatever, you’re busy! And since we’re all busy, there’s probably a woman on-the-go on your holiday shopping list!

These are all items that are helpful on-the-go, but also help that busy lady unwind after a long day. I also made sure to include items in a variety of price ranges. Some of the items are little items that you could add to a basket of things; for example, the invisibobbles would be a cute idea with a deep hair mask, gift certificate to get her hair done, etc!


    1. Healthy Human Tumbler: I have one of these tumblers and it’s one of my favorites. It keeps my water SO cold! And I love that it’s not a water bottle that I have to unscrew the top while driving.
    2. Personalized Starbucks cup: These personalized Starbucks cups are the perfect gift because you can personalize them however you want! She has a ton of different designs and has hot and cold cups.
    3. Cooling and brightening eye balm: This is one of my favorite products when I need a little wake up or pick-me-up. It feels amazing and really does give me a little glow! Perfect for busy women with tired eyes! (Guilty!) You can also use the code SAMANTHASHOW and save 20% off your order!
    4. Match Lip Balm: This is my favorite “chapstick”. It’s super moisturizing and refreshing and uses vegan green tea extract. I don’t leave home without it!
    5. These are great after a long day while you’re relaxing on the couch or in the morning while you’re getting the kids ready for school. They help with puffiness, brightness, and hydration.
    6. Cactus Flower Face Mist: This is a MUST have. And I don’t say that about a lot of things. But keep it with you when you need a refresh during the day. It’s also a great travel companion. It can be used over makeup too so no new application needed after use.
    7. Burt’s Bees Hand repair kit: Being on the go means a lot of hand washing, which can lead to super dry hands. SO this kit is the perfect treatment for those pups! This kit comes with hand cream, cuticle cream, and gloves to restore lost moisture and avoid cracks… which I have first hand experience with and they aren’t fun!
    8. Portable charger: Phone batteries don’t always last while you’re out and about, especially in an age where we use our phones for everything. So this is a must-have!
    9. Slim Marble Power Bank: Looking for a portable charger that’s a little bit more trendy? This one comes in three colors as well.
    10. Invisibobble hair ties: A lot of us want to throw our hair back by the end of the day and these hair ties are a life saver. They also won’t rip or damage the hair! I love the idea of adding these as a stocking stuffer or in a gift basket of a few of these items.
    11. Hello Fresh: While this isn’t a physical gift, it’s a lifesaver! We get Hello Fresh every week and not only does it help with meal planning, it makes it so convenient to have everything sent right to my house! And bonus points, my kids will eat most of the meals! You can save $40 off your first book by using this link too! The gift that keeps on giving 🙂
    12. AirPods: Perfect for the gym, the office, or working from home, these are the latest and greatest in headphone technology!
    13. Erin Condren Planner: I know a lot of people prefer to use their phones but I like to have both. Writing it down helps me plan long-term but I also use my phone for daily alerts and to stay connected with my husband.
    14. ToteSavvy:This organizer is not just for moms; it fits and makes any bag into a more organized space! While it comes with a changing mat, it also has a ton of different compartments and spaces for every woman on-the-go!

I hope these ideas gave you all a little inspiration for all of the busy ladies on your list! A lot of these ideas could also work for any busy man on your list as well.

Anything you’d add?! Let me know below!



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