10 things we say we’re doing for our kids but are really doing for ourselves.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the best parts about having kids is getting to relive your childhood all over again. I mean, besides being forced to talk in doll voices or play trains for hours on end, there are some pretty good perks to having children.
While I was driving home from a friend’s house the other day, I got to thinking about all of the things I do with Nolan but probably enjoy more than he does. And I figured hey, I’m probably not alone (or at least I hope not). So I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 favorite things that I do for Nolan, but mostly do for myself:
1. Buy shaped Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Because it just tastes better and I don’t care what anyone says, it really does.
2. Go on play dates. It’s great for children to socialize and learn valuable lessons like sharing and taking turns but let’s be real, it gets me out of the house and allows me to have adult conversation for a few hours.
3. Take him in the Disney Store. Yes, I’m sure he loves it, but it takes me right back to childhood and allows me to try on every pair of ears or princess crown they have within my reach.
4. Take him to Disney World. This is right up next to taking him to The Disney Store. Although I hate to admit this, I’ve never been… and I’ve been dying for an excuse to go. Once the kids are a few years older, you better believe I’ll be frequenting there.
5. Buy vintage toys. Nolan couldn’t care less what types of toys he plays with, but me, I love everything about vintage toys. They take me right back to my childhood and I am constantly on the hunt for the best vintage toys I can find. Little Tikes doctor kit, dollhouse, and trolls have joined his toy collection because I just had to have them.
6. Breastfeed. I’m joking about this one but seriously, I never imagined the benefits I would be getting from breastfeeding in addition to the ones Nolan was getting. I lost over 50 lbs just nursing! So if you’re looking for the perfect diet, just get pregnant and breastfeed your kid. (Sarcasm people, but really, it works).
7. Throw elaborate birthday parties. You think my one year old gave a crap about his first birthday? Not in the least bit. But turning one was a big deal for me more than him and you better believe I went balls to the walls on decorations, themed food, and of course, the cake. He will thank me one day…
8. Dress them like little people: Obviously, I could dress Bubs in hand-me-downs all day and he wouldn’t know the difference. And trust me, there’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs, he has a ton of them. But if there’s one thing I love to do, it’s shop for kid clothing. I mean, miniature things are just so much cuter than big people things and it gives me a reason to shop all of the time. He’s growing like a weed, right?!
9.  Watch Disney movies/cartoons: Sure, he enjoys them just as much as the next kid. But I’m not going to lie, I love sitting down and reliving my childhood while belting out the lyrics to “Part of Their World” or “Just Can’t Wait to be King”.
10. Have more kids: Because we say they need a sibling, right? But really, we just need someone else to play with them all day and keep them busy because we’re too damn tired to do it ourselves.
Anyone else with me on these? Anyone? Bueller?…


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