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As I’ve mentioned before, blogging has taken a shift over the past few years. While I still follow bloggers I’ve followed since the beginning, a lot of come and gone. Less and less people are sharing personal stories and more and more sponsored posts are popping up. It seems as though bloggers these days are starting blogs to make money, where as veteran bloggers discovered they could make money after the fact. Of course there’s nothing wrong with either of these ways, it just sometimes make it difficult to learn about the person behind the blog. Who are they? Why are they writing? What’s their story?







So without further adieu, here are 10 things about me:

  1. I’m an Ohio native and can’t wait to move back there. My family, the weather, the sports teams (despite them sucking), I miss it all. But if I had to choose to live somewhere else other than Ohio, I would choose California or Chicago.
  2. I struggle with anxiety. I wasn’t diagnosed until after college but looking back, there are so many puzzles of my life completed after discovering this missing puzzle piece.
  3. I attended Miami University (in Ohio) and graduated with my degree in Strategic Communication. My dream job was something in PR, but obviously we see how that worked out…
  4. I’ve met a handful of celebrities; NSYNC, 98 degrees, LeBron James, Kenny Lofton (Indians player), Kip and Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite (so strange), and I’m sure a few more. I worked for the Cleveland Cavaliers for a hot minute and was always seeing players walk in and out of the office. Technically I didn’t meet most of them but I still froze up when they walked past me.
  5. I have six tattoos. One on each wrist, one on each foot, one on my side, and one on my neck.
  6. I don’t like being touched. Seriously, no cuddling for this girl. Just not my thing.
  7. I was in a sorority… Zeta Tau Alpha! ZLAM!….anyone?!
  8. My family means the world to me. Some of my best friends are my cousins and of course, so is my mom.
  9. We keep our Oreos in the freezer. Trust me, they are SO much better that way.
  10. I used to love scary movies but now they scare the crap out of me. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m home alone sometimes. Just not my cup of tea anymore.

And there you have it! A few random facts about me. I would love to learn something fun about you, so leave me a comment below!

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