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Learning to love your curls.

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I had the strangest evolution of hair when I was growing up. I had slightly curly hair as a child, followed by an awkward wavy hair stage through elementary and middle school. It was pretty much straight except for one wave in the middle of my head. I convinced my mom to let me get two perms, one in 7th and one in 8th grade, and then once puberty kicked in, my hair just became naturally curly. Curly hair was all the rage in middle school but by the time I got to high school, the fad seemed to have faded. Curly hair out, straight hair in.

Then I hated my curly hair. I envied the girls who didn’t have to work at getting straight hair. I wanted to straighten my hair all of the time and was always struggling to have a good hair day. It put me in a bad mood and made my self-esteem lower. I didn’t feel as pretty as the other girls I saw and it just added to the other pressures of being a teenage girl…#girlprobz.

When I got to college, we were always on-the-go. Sometimes we would go straight to dinner from class or walk 25 minutes off campus to our friends house. Every time I straightened my hair, it would frizz up the minute I walked outside. So why would I waste the time straightening it just for that to happen?! It was then that I really began to embrace my curls. I tried new products and experimented with different techniques. I learned my curls were always better on the second day, which was perfect for that 8 am I always always running late for. But I really began to find who I was and embrace that. Curls and all 🙂


Curls are Classic. So many beautiful women over the course of history have had curly hair. Shirley Temple ( I mean, duh…poster child), Judy Garland, Lucille Ball, Julia Roberts… I could go on forever! These women are well known women in history who embraced their curls. And I don’t think it’s any argument they were absolutely beautiful in addition to being uber talented.

Curls are Unique. No two people have the same type of curls. Some curls are tight and some are loose. Some start at the roots and others start midway down. It’s always so much fun to see someone else with curly hair because although it doesn’t define them, it’s something special about them. Their curls are unique to them and no one else.

Curls are Radiant. Curls are an amazing thing. You wash them and they bounce right back into gorgeousness… isn’t that crazy? I find curly hair absolutely stunning (not just because I have it), but because it’s beautiful.

Curls are Lovable. You may not have loved  your curls your entire life and they may still be something you struggle with. But I promise you… if you give them a chance, you’ll learn to love them. They’re low maintenance, healthy, and natural…what’s not to love about that?!

Curls are YOU! Embrace them! You were born to have curls and it’s something you should be excited about and proud of. I know they may not always be the easiest to work with, but I promise you just have to have patience and find what works for you. Like I said, no two women (or men) have the same kind of curls and it takes a little bit of time to figure it out. There’s no shame in switching your hair up once in awhile and try new things but remember where your roots are (no pun intended..maybe…) and embrace your curls more often than not.

My daughter is almost two and has had curly hair since birth.. and it’s getting curlier! Who knows whether or not she will keep it or grow out of it, but I always want her to know how beautiful she is and that her curls make her unique. I want to set an example and show her how much I love my curls in hopes that she loves hers too. I want to remind her daily that I love her curls and that I love her.




And while we’re on the subject of loving our curls, Dove Hair has launched a new an emoji keyboard for us curly haired girls! Now we can send emojis that represent our luscious locks! You can download the Dove Love Your Curls Emojis in the App Store and Google Play Store to show you #LoveYourCurls!

dove_5  dove_8

I’d be lying if I said I loved my curls everyday, but it’s definitely only gotten better with time 🙂 And as I get older, I love them more and more. So for all my curly-haired girls out there.. embrace them! And if you’re not there yet, give them a chance… they’re a beautiful thing <3

Do you have curly hair? What do you love about your curls? Have you always loved them or struggled with them in the past? How did you learn to love them? Share them on social media with #LoveYourCurls so the world can see how beautiful they are! 

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