Urbini Touri Travel System {Review}

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Urbini. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.”
When I registered for my baby shower, I was totally lost. I didn’t do much research, but rather went with brands I recognized and items that could be used down the road for all of our children. It was completely overwhelming and there were so many different things to choose from!
But out of everything that we needed, one of the biggest necessities was the travel system.
Considering you NEED a car seat to leave the hospital, this was one of the first things I looked into. I wasn’t sure where to start and what travel system would be the best travel system for us at the time. So I looked at a few of the reviews and chose one.
I liked it; it was sturdy and bulky but I thought that’s the way most travel systems were. But then I tried the Urbini Touri Travel System and I couldn’t believe how much lighter it was! However like most things, there are definitely pros and cons and I want to share both sides with you so you can make an educated decision:
Chic. Since most of my items were gender neutral, I decided to go with the pink one and love it. It’s all black with pink accents and it’s super cute. Although that’s not the most important thing when picking out a travel system, I’m just pointing out that it’s pretty 🙂
Compact. The stroller is a lot more compact than other strollers I’ve used. It doesn’t take up as much space in the trunk and it’s certainly lighter than our other one.
Easy assembly. The only thing that needed assembled were the front wheels. I can’t remember off the top of my head but I think I remember the other travel system being a little more complicated.
Umbrella fold. Unlike the other travel system we have, this stroller folds in a simple umbrella fold manor, making it much more convenient and easier to close.
Price. At only $149, this travel system is a lot cheaper than some others I have seen on the market. For the price, it’s certainly high quality.

Too tight. My daughter is almost 4 months old and not overweight for her age by any means. Sometimes, I feel as though she doesn’t fit comfortably into the seat and that it’s hard to buckle her. The bottom clasp is not adjustable so I feel like I’m pulling the straps too tight to buckle her.
Canopy doesn’t move forward on the car seat. When you place the carseat in the stroller, it works great to cover baby completely. However the canopy in just the car seat cannot be adjusted to move it lower or higher depending on where the sun is.
No tray. I love having a tray on my other baby stroller because I can give baby juice cup and snacks while out shopping or doing whatever. This stroller simply has a bar and no where to put snacks or toys.
Name brand. The number one priority in a car seat is safety. This car seat offers a 5 point safety harness and is said to meet or exceed US standards, however the only thing that makes me weary is that it’s not a name I know and trust.
Overall, it’s a great travel system and besides the few things I’ve mentioned as cons, I would certainly recommend this to a friend. Some people don’t mind the things I listed and may not even consider them cons but from my experience, this is what I’ve found while using it!
Be sure to check out the Urbini Facebook and Twitter page to see what everyone else is saying 🙂 There are also a ton of great reviews on Here’s mine!
How did you choose a travel system? Which ones have you tried/used? 


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