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NYFW September 2017: Day 1

Babes! I am SO excited to start recapping my experience at New York Fashion Week. It was such an amazing experience and even though I’m still catching up on sleep, it was all worth it.

I’m going to break it down by day because there’s just too much to fit into these posts and I don’t want to bore you! So first up, NYFW September 2017: Day 1!

I arrived Sunday afternoon and despite the traffic getting to Manhattan, I made it! Kelly left a key for me so I headed up to her apartment and waited for her to get home for a friend’s birthday party. And once she got back, we hit the ground running with events! We had our first shows at 7 p.m. and it was the CAAFD; Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers. I was super excited to see Samantha Leibowitz’s collection because I had first heard of her last December when I received one of her dresses. But before her collection came out, three other designers were debuting theirs.

I’ll be honest, the show was very different and a little awkward. The show opened with a man playing the trombone for a good six minutes. It was cool for a minute but then we were just like “come on, when is the show going to start!?”

Well finally the show started and here were some of the designs; lots of feathers, polka dots, mixed textures and pink and orange!


This is where it gets awkward. Between designers, they had entertainment. Most likely due to the fact that all designers were using the same models and they needed time to change. But this girl walks out with a microphone and starts singing. But it wasn’t good and everyone in the audience was snickering and honestly, I felt really bad for her. Just seemed like it was the wrong setting to be debuting original songs, attempting to belt Lady Gaga, and dance seductively. She kept telling the band/DJ to cut the music and starting over and ugh it was a train wreck. But finally it ended and the next designer started their show.

I’ve also never been in a show where the crowd starting clearing out before the show was over. But the show started 40 minutes late to begin with and after the chaos between designers, people were either 1) anxious to get out of there 2) late for another show they were supposed to attend. Either way, it was strange.

But at least some of the pieces were cool and it’s always fun to see what the designers come up with.

Finally, Samantha Leibowitz was up and her designs were beautiful! She’s also one of the more affordable designers and things I could/would actually wear:

But as soon as it ended, we had to run in order to make Jarel Zhang on time! The runway had construction cones and street signs so I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, these designs reminded me of rain coats (or maybe that’s what they were supposed to be, not really sure) but the colors were fun and the music was cool. So all in all, it was a good show!

We were exhausted after the show but headed to the Walk Magazine Launch Party to check it out. We drank water (we were tired!) and decided to grab some dinner and call it a night. Much needed 🙂

Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow! xo

New York Fashion Week September 2017 Day 1- Samantha Leibowitz, Jarel Zhang, and more!





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