Enjoying outdoor winter activities with your littles

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I’m an Ohioan, born and raised. I’ve always been used to the cold weather and snow. In fact, I took my driver’s test during a blizzard in February. The dead of winter! School was rarely cancelled and I’m pretty sure there were days where the snow was thigh high and we still had to go.

My kids? I can’t really say they’ve been born and raised anywhere. One of them was born here but only “lived” here for 2 months and my daughter was born in Georgia. And just because they’re kids and rebellious, they fight me on wearing coats when it’s cold out. Like literally, it’s a battle every single morning.



It seemed like every jacket I got was either “too fat” or “too big” or just not to their liking. So to avoid the battles (as best I could), I allowed them to be involved in selecting their new winter coats. Then they’d love the jacket and we’d avoid the daily fight to wear it. Right? For the most part…

These North Face kids jackets and boots allow us to get out and enjoy the cold weather. I’m not necessarily a fan of playing in the snow (it’s pretty when I’m looking at it from inside near the fireplace) but my kids absolutley love it. So as long as they’re bundled up and warm, I love watching them play in it!

There are so many fun outdoor winter activities we can go do as a family. We’ve already had so much fun on a carriage ride, meeting Santa and his reindeer, and a trip to the tree farm. I hope the kids remember these activities as well as the simplicity of just playing outside in the snow. Because that’s what really makes childhood so special and magical this time of year.

How do you enjoy the outdoors when the temps get colder?



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