Happy Friday friends! It’s a crappy rainy day here and both kids are off school today…JOY! Love my kids, I really do, but if they’re together for too long, they start to fight. And then I get stressed out. So let’s hope they can keep it civil and we can have a good day!

We started on the nursery last weekend because the room was just collecting crap and it was driving me crazy. We (and by we I mean my husband) but together the crib and changing table and I’ve started stashing things for the baby in there. I’ve got a few super fun collaborations I’m working on and I can’t wait until I can actually open all of this stuff and use it!

Since it’s my third baby, I’m probably not having a baby shower. And I don’t even think I’ll have a Sprinkle or whatever the kids are calling them these days. I don’t really have any friends here to invite anyways but I’m okay with that. Maybe we’ll meet some people in the summer or something. Making friends as an adult is hard enough and throw in kids and a pregnancy and it’s near impossible. I’ve felt kind of like a homebody recently anyways so I’m not exactly making an effort. But part of me doesn’t really mind!

However, just because I’m not having a shower doesn’t mean I can’t make a registry. Mostly because Target sends you a 15% off coupon to use on all of the items that weren’t purchased. Can’t forget about my Redcard discount so at least I’ll get 20% off anything we still need at that point! And in case anyone DOES ask what I need, I’ll have it ready to go.

So let’s check in on this nameless child, shall we?

16 weeks pregnant bump

How far along: 16 weeks + 4 days

Size of baby: Avocado

Baby’s size and weight: 4.61 inches and 3.5 ounces

My total weight gain: 16 pounds (I’m going to blame all the damn Valentine’s Day candy for the spike this week. I’ll get back on track…)

Baby’s development: 

Baby can hear my voice (and probably all of the chaos in the house) thanks to tiny bones forming in her ears.

Baby is growing hair, lashes, and eyebrows.

Baby is forming taste buds.

Stretch marks: None.

Maternity clothes: I’m already at the point where there’s no gap between my boobs and my stomach. Legit just touching already. Which means that no bras are comfortable, leggings drive me crazy too, and jeans are sliding off of me. Oh the joys of pregnancy.


(Ignore the messy office behind me… my cleaning lady hasn’t come.. and by cleaning lady I mean I’ve been lazy AF and haven’t cleaned it..wish I had a cleaning lady ha)

16 weeks pregnant


Gender: Girl. Who still remains nameless because I don’t love anything. My husband and I only agree on like, two names and I cannot commit to one yet. SEND ME SUGGESTIONS PLEASE.

Movement: I felt something last week and thought maybe it was something. Then Monday I for sure felt a little jab/kick. And I think I’ve felt her here and there but it’s still hit or miss. I’m sure it will be more noticeable as she gets bigger!

Sleep: I’ve been exhausted again. I thought I was supposed to get my energy back second trimester…

What I miss: Not feeling like a cow.

Food cravings: I needed a milkshake the other night. And my sweet husband willingly went out to get me (and himself) one.

Symptoms: Lower back pain, exhaustion, stomach aches.

The siblings are: well, mostly just P is excited. She’s constantly touching my belly and talking to the baby. Which is the cutest thing ever. N couldn’t care less for now!

High of the week: Feeling the little one move. And I’m looking forward to feeling her more as she gets bigger.

Low of the week: My lower back pain. If I lay on the ground, I literally can’t get up. Not sure what the problem is but Dr. Google tells me it’s hormones and everything shifting. Joy.

The kids have off Monday too but luckily, so does my husband. No plans as of yet but I’m hoping we can do something. This house has got me stir crazy! Have a great weekend babes! xo

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  • Kelsey

    I recently heard the name “Averly” and really liked it. It’s a play on Avery but I think the added L makes it sound super girly and sweet.

    • Samantha

      Oh that’s pretty! I love different names <3

  • Keating

    I don’t miss pregnancy (AT ALL), but I do miss the pregnancy updates. I’m so excited for you as you get closer to meeting your little one! And I legit cried when I saw your gender reveal haha poor Nolan!

    • Samantha

      He seems to be coming around! haha and I hate pregnancy too but I’m trying to embrace this is the last time I’ll ever do it lol

  • Holly

    If you can go to a chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy. It will help the back pain and could help with a faster labor. I had horrible SI joint pain this last time and I always felt amazing after an adjustment.

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