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Weekend in photos.


I know what you’re thinking- it’s Tuesday… what’s going on here Sam?! But I didn’t have a chance to get this post ready Sunday, so I figured I’d share our weekend with you today. And it’s my blog so I guess I can make the rules, right?

Remember all that sleep I was planning on catching up on this weekend? Didn’t happen. But we had a great weekend so I’m not even mad about it. Friday night we had our friends over for pizza and wine… standard Friday night routine. One of my friends from college happened to be in town for a prior engagement and stopped over once she was finished. Two bottles of wine and three hours later, we called it a night and hit the hay. It’s kind of funny because she knew both Zach and I separately in college so it was fun to catch up and reminisce.

Before everyone came over for dinner, I had a little fun with Snapchat. L et’s talk about Snapchat filters hmm k? I’m a newbie when it comes to Snapchat and I just discovered there were filters like maybe a month ago. So please excuse the constant filter snaps… or if that’s your thing, make sure you’re following me (@samantha_show) and I’ll send you pictures of me and all my friends. And by all my friends I mean me and my cats.


I was spring vibing on Saturday in this new jacket and mint top. I’ll be sharing more on this jacket later this week so stay tuned 😉 We spent the morning at the local Farmer’s Market and then headed to Toys ‘R Us to get the kids a trampoline. We opted for a smaller one instead of a full-size one so although it may be a little impractical in a few years, it’s perfect for them now. And gives me less of a heart attack.


Okay so story time. I ordered this here pair of boots from Off Broadway. Well they sent me these instead… and it’s the only color they have so I am unsure as to why the picture on their website shows this color. Anyways, I was out shopping in town on Saturday and found the pair I actually wanted! Winning! So needless to say, the other pair will be on their way back to Off Broadway…




My first babygirl, Charlie, turned 5 on Saturday so she got a little treat while we sang Happy Birthday to her. The kids helped blow out her Paw Patrol candles (obvi) and she got extra lovins all day.


Once the kids were bathed and in bed, it was time for the parents to play. And by play I mean go line dancing and by we I just mean me. Z plays pool with the guys or watches basketball on the big screen and I can’t to get my line dance on. I’m laughing in these pictures because my husband likes to yell inappropriate things to make me smile. He’s on #instagramhusband who takes his job very seriously!



On Sunday I ran to the mall with my friend Amy, spent more time in the backyard with the kids, and sat by the fire with my person. Overall, such a great weekend 🙂



I really needed this weekend. It was nice to have people over the house, go out with friends, spend time with my little family and get some fresh air. With all of this anxiety nonsense I’ve been dealing with over the past few weeks, it felt really nice to be surrounded by people I love doing things I love. And sometimes that’s the best medicine 🙂



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