5 on Friday (with an awesome video)

Oh Friday, you took your good old time, didn’t you? 
It’s been quite the week friends; like seriously, I think this week and last week have been two of the longest weeks of my life. Managing two kids and two dogs on my own, without any help, has seriously been a test. A test of patience, of love, and of strength. Not to mention little diva is going through a growth spurt and therefore eating every two hours and refusing to nap. #loadsoffun. 
But luckily, my mother-in-law is coming to stay with me for a week and then the hubs should be returning home soon after. Thank the sweet lord baby Jesus…
So let’s see, what’s been going on in my little world:
1) I’m pretty sure my kid has OCD. He changes outfits multiple times a day, insists on having a “coffee latte” AND cup of juice in the morning. If you put ice in his drink? Dump it out and redo it. If you turn his shirt around without him helping? Prepare for World War III. Seriously, this kid is crazy. But my favorite thing these days? He calls B Dubs “B Bubs” and calls P’s Bumbo seat her “bumble bee”. And look at this hair.. who is this grown boy and where’s my baby?!
2) P hasn’t stopped “talking” since her daddy left, which is pretty amusing. Thank God this recently started and she waited until after my all day training in Chicago because that would have been impossible. She spits bubbles, giggles, and babbles ALL day long. And because she’s refusing to nap, wants to eat all the time, and is drooling like a mad woman, I’m pretty sure it’s a mix of teething and a growth spurt. She’s a chunk, that’s for sure. 
3) Work has been moving along pretty well! We are still interviewing to find me a partner so once I have one, I will feel a lot better about the workload and progress. If you want to do me a solid, go check out the Dell Military website and social media channels… I would love any support I can get 😉 

4) I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow and headed to the Ronald McDonald House Red Shoe 5k Run/Walk! It’s my first event with Dell and I can’t wait to represent and give back to the community. 
5) And before you go, please take a second to watch my joke of a kid wearing my heels around. He literally did this for a half hour and I was amused the entire time. 

The end is the best… does it make me a bad mom or mom of the year for laughing when he wipes out? Either way, happy weekend friends. 
What are your weekend plans??


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