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Best gifts for new moms

I’m in a ton of random groups on Facebook and one of the repeat questions I’ve seen a ton of times is “What are the best gifts for new moms?” And this doesn’t just go for FIRST time moms, it goes for new moms, no matter which pregnancy they’re on!

While I love me some shopping for baby, I also love to spoil the new mama. It’s hard work growing a human for 40+ weeks and then laboring, feeding, etc. So I always love to spoil the new mama a little bit as well!

Here are a few ideas when it comes to the best gifts for new moms:

Food delivery or meal prep: I’m dreading the thought of having to cook or be creative when it comes to meals. Frozen dinners, meal services like Hello Fresh, or even bags of frozen fruit for smoothies is a game changer. The easier and more convenient for the mama, the better!

Spa gift cards: The first few weeks are challenging but eventually, mama will need a little pampering to feel human again. A pedicure, hair cut, massage, whatever, will go a long way for a new mom! If you’re not sure where she likes to go, is a good option!

Beauty products: Dry shampoo, face masks, moisturizer, whatever… anything to help her pamper herself at home. Things like dry shampoo or a tinted moisturizer are great because she won’t have much time to do her hair or makeup in the first few weeks.

Coffee everything: gift cards, k-cups, new mugs, etc. Mama is going to need it!

Sentimental gifts: There are so many different types of jewelry out there; a “mama” necklace, jewelry with baby’s birthstone, etc.

Comfortable clothing: Loose fitting pants, pajamas, robe, slippers, etc. The looser and more comfortable, the better!

Alcohol: No, seriously. If she likes an occasional glass of wine or beer, get her some personalized wine or even better, a subscription! Just because she’s a mom doesn’t mean she can’t responsibly have a drink every now and then. Even if she’s breastfeeding, it’s okay

Gift cards to her favorite stores: All of those middle of the night feedings will most likely lead to some online shopping. I can’t speak for everyone but this is definitely true for me haha so gift cards are always easy and helpful!

Your time: Whether it’s coming by to sit and chat or offering to hold the new baby while she takes a shower, she will appreciate it more than you know!

Motherhood is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life, but it’s definitely a huge change and super challenging…no matter how many times she’s done it! So show her a little love and spoil her with the things she loves! She will be forever grateful!



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