Airports used to mean…

Excitement! Especially heading there early in the morning, because that meant we were headed to Cancun or some other crazy, fun, exotic place.

But ever since Z left for Basic Training and I said goodbye at the bottom of the escalator in the airport, I can’t help but get anxiety about heading there.

Even if I’m with him.

I know, I’m a weirdo.

But between a goodbye for Basic Training, after Christmas Exodus, our marriage after Graduation from Basic, a weekend visit in Georgia, deployment, R &R and multiple extended trainings, can you blame me?

It’s hard to get over those goodbyes. The worst was definitely sending him back to Afghanistan after R&R as I watched him kiss his 6 day old baby goodbye and step on that plane. Gut wrenching.

But for now, goodbyes like that aren’t in my future, so I’m going to try and enjoy these little family vacations we get to take together.

We’re headed to Texas for the weekend to visit my in-laws and all I have to say, is that there better be snow on the ground when I return! I need snow for Christmas!

Here’s to letting go of the negative feelings and relishing in the moment 🙂




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