Someone you need to meet: Kenz

You may have noticed this adorable little lady hanging out in all of my posts this month, but it’s impossible to grasp how amazing this lady is through her button! So here she is for all of you to meet. She has been such an inspiration (I’ve never seen her with a frown on her face) and it’s truly been a blessing to have her in my life. Take it away love! 

I’m Kenz! A daughter, sister, and best friend. You could say I’m a hardy Minnesotan, but my heart and soul tell me I’m a true southern belle. I am a direct care provider in an assisted living home for young adults with disabilities and I also adore my nannying job! I have a passion for working with those who cannot care for themselves and God has taught me so much through my work! I enjoy hoarding scarves like it’s my job and drink WAY too much Caribou Coffee. I’m also a juvenile arthritis warrior that is learning to understand my condition and keep up with treatment one day at a time. Overall, I’m a blessed mess just trying to shine for Jesus and love sharing my heart on my blog, Life According to Kenz. Put a smile on, stop by, and stay awhile! I’d love to have you!
Now go say hello! 


“Check out this month’s featured blog, Life According to Kenz”



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