Do you have a place…

…where you just can’t be completely happy? No matter what you do, the friends you have, or the new memories you’ve made, the past and the events that have happened there always come to mind first? Let me explain.

Upstate New York can be a beautiful place; especially now that the leaves are starting to change and I’m experiencing my first fall season here, it really is beautiful. I’m thankful that I am close enough to Ohio where I can go home if I want to, and that Z and I had our own place to bring home our baby and start our own family.

But I will never like this place for one simple reason, or rather a few. This is where Z deployed from. This is where I cried when he told me he would be leaving for Afghanistan that week. This is where I said goodbye. This is where I returned to an empty house with a heavy heart and was left to go on with my life while he left me for an indefinite amount of time. And no matter how many good things and positive things happen here, I won’t be happy until I’m out of this place.

I’m ready for a change and a new place to start over, a new “home” if you will. Does anyone else ever feel like that?

Until then I will try and make new memories to mask the old and painful ones. I will cherish the time I do have with my little family as a whole and be thankful we were given the opportunity to have this time in the first place.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the change in weather. People in the south keep telling me they are still wearing flip flops and it’s 80 degrees and blah blah blah but that sounds miserable to me. I am a fall girl and love everything about it so at least I can thank New York for doing its job in the weather department.

And let me let you in on a little secret; Shabby Apple. With the change in weather and absolutely NO clothes in my closet that fit me, I will be doing some serious damage at this place when I get the chance. There are items for everyone’s price range and a lovely little sale going on right now too! Take a look 🙂

Dresses from Shabby Apple




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